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Discovery has been the “secret sauce” that makes WEB801 different than any other web agency you have worked with or considered. With over 20 years of sales & marketing experience, we’ve fine tuned & polished our strategy methods to help our clients create amazing case studies of success. Here’s how the process works:


Initial Meeting

We’ll discuss your marketing goals and objectives, and explore how we might work together.


1st Discovery Session

Here we'll address one key concept that often gets overlooked: "What problems does your company solve?"


2nd Discovery Session

In this session we'll define who the ideal client is for your company (and who it's not). The "anyone is my client" answer won't fly here.


3rd Discovery Session

Marketing Channels is discussed here - how is the website going to become an employee, how will it work FOR you, how will it become an INVESTMENT and not just a cost?


Solution & Proposal Presentation

We'll compile all the solutions we've discovered together and determine the best next steps.


Kickoff Call

We're hitting the ground running. We'll review the entire process from start to finish, making sure everyone on board understands rolls and expectations.


Weekly Check-in Call

At regular intervals, we’ll check-in to be accountable for where we are in the process, to get feedback on status, and to talk about next steps.


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