VIDEO: Matt Cutts Talks about Permalinks for WordPress

Have you ever seen a URL that has a suffix like this:

Without clicking on the link, I’d like some guesses on what this article is about (or is it a product, or is it the weather report, or….)


And neither do search engines.

No offense KSL, but your On-Site SEO efforts are pretty ugly…

Now compare the KSL link above to this “SEO Friendly” Link:

Yep, this link is all about how free hosted websites (like Blogger or sites) are an invitation to FAIL if used for a business platform.

Not only is this more appealing to a reader who sees the link information, but search engines also take notice of these simple on-site SEO efforts.

Don’t believe me? Listen to what Matt Cutts, the Google Man, has to say about effective permalinks:

Your thoughts now?

Guest Posting Increases Credibility 10 Fold

I don’t post as much here lately for a few reasons, some of which I won’t reveal at this point.

However, I’m still blogging!

Today I saw the powerful effects of guest posting on credible sources FIRST HAND!

I wrote a post this morning on an Internet Marketing Blog titled: “When It’s OK to Say No to a Prospective Client

Some of the highlights of this post:

Saying No may simply mean “Not yet…”

Here’s why:

  1. EDUCATION: The prospect needs a bit more education on what you’ll be offering and what expectations they should have. Unrealistic expectations are the most difficult thing to deal with. You I don’t want to tell the client “I can’t do that…” but in some cases, I just can’t.
  2. ORGANIZATION: The prospect needs to make sure they have all their “ducks in a row” before you dive into the complex world of SEO and Social Media. Do they have at least one dedicated employee who will be working closely with your team? If not, they need to get one. I’ve realized that my job is NOT to run their business or make their business decisions; instead, my job is to take what their doing and help get the word out there and optimize their efforts accordingly. Without a dedicated staff member who is teachable and preferably internet savvy, it’s going to be a long road and one I’m not sure I want to travel down.
  3. EXPECTATIONS: The prospect needs to determine what they what to achieve with your SEO efforts: increased brand awareness, more traffic, higher ROI, ORM, etc. If they don’t really know what they want to achieve, none of your efforts will completely satisfy. As I said before, unrealistic expectations are the most difficult thing to deal with and are a HUGE RED-FLAG. Using case studies of other clients you’ve worked with can help people understand what they should expect. If they don’t think what you’ve done is enough, then NOT YET is a perfect solution. Chances are, they’ll go with another firm and then possibly come back to you anyway.
  4. COMMITMENT: The prospect needs to fully commit to helping you help them. This is similar to organization. If a client expects you to learn their business or industry overnight, NOT YET is a good answer. If a client can’t give you any time to meet together, they just want you to run with it, NOT YET is a good answer. Clients have to be willing to dedicate at least some time and resources if your efforts are going to pay off.
  5. BELIEF: The prospect needs to believe that what you’re doing is truly of value. A lot of this goes right back to education: if they have no idea what SEO is or why they need it, but instead their buying from you because they know their competitors are using an SEO firm, they most likely don’t truly believe that what you can do is going to help them. I know, you may be asking the same thing I am – “Then WHY would they invest the money?” Good question! Just like the other points, though, if they don’t really believe they need this (and sometimes it’s hard to catch this right away), “Not Yet” is the best answer.

The article was definitely from the heart and based on real-life experience.

The article was well thought out (IMO) and gave practical advice.

After writing the article, I passed it on to all my Internet Marketing friends.

When comments came in, I was prompt to respond.

And now the Home Run…

The article got a link on Search Engine Land! That’s right, a PR SEVEN (I spell out the word because my English teacher in high school told me to and for emphasis) WEBSITE!

Here’s the proof:

the power of guest posting for quality links

The Take Away From All This

  1. Write Good Content that’s applicable!
  2. Titles that explain are helpful.
  3. Guest post on credible websites.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for interaction from friends.
  5. Respond to comments promptly.
  6. Celebrate when “Small success leads to Big Success!”

Thanks to Mat, Andy, Dave and team for the opportunity to work with them! I wouldn’t be where I am today with out Mat’s clogging dance skills! 🙂