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VIDEO: How to Edit an Image Size with

This is a common question we deal with (and had ourselves when we first started designing WordPress websites for clients).

We created this video tutorial so clients and readers can see the step-by-steps of editing an image size plus we threw in one more simple tip that will help you with your website images.


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INFOGRAPHIC: Should Your Consulting Company Do Work for Free?

I’m approaching two full years of self-employment.

It’s been real.

It’s been fun.

And many days it’s been real fun.

However, some days it can be a bit stressful, especially if you have “friends” or “contacts” that have a great offer for you, an opportunity to get in at the ground level, or however else they may pitch it.

At times it’s hard to tell them no.

At times I’ve been on the brink of saying “Sure, why not…” But luckily I’ve only had two experiences where I feel I’ve dropped the ball and gave clients a good product priced WAY below market value, only to have them expect way more than they paid for and ultimately be upset.

(I wish I would have found the infographic I shared the other day about website design warnings… 🙂 )

In an effort to know how to best tell a potential business partnership that my company doesn’t do work for free, I ran across an article that was titled, “Should I work for free?” It was actually a big flow chart that made me chuckle on a couple different levels.

I cut it up a bit, focusing primarily on the business to business “work for free” proposition, since that’s the one I’ve dealt with most in my two years of business bliss. The infographic sums it up pretty clearly.

Do you agree?

Should I Do Business to Business Consulting for Free?

What are your thoughts? See the entire infographic here.

How do you respond to the AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to get a lot of business exposure?

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INFOGRAPHIC: What Should You Look for in Website Design?

I’m going to make this post short, sweet, and to the point.

If you want a really nice website that is going to work for your business, outsourcing it to India is NOT the best idea.

We’ve all heard the cliche, “You get what you pay for.” This couldn’t be MORE TRUE when it comes to quality website design.

I’ve been working in the industry of website design, programming, and online marketing now for over 7 years. I’ve seen a wide variety of website ideas. And this infographic pretty much sums it all up…


So, my challenge to you, before you decide on a website design firm to work with, is to really ask yourself what you really want MOST from your website.

If Cheap or Free is what you want, make sure you evaluate what you’re going to get based on this “oh-so-true” infographic 🙂 and best of luck to you.

If Great, Fast AND Cheap is what you’re desiring – welcome to the Impossible Utopia.

And by the way, your friend/neighbor/cousin/nephew/whatever isn’t always the best choice – trust me.