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42 Million Visits and Dancing Strong!

Talk about Internet Branding – the video below has been viewed over 42 Million times on You Tube! It’s been commented on 22,162 and Favorited 150,885 times. Can you believe that? I’d be interested to know where this video has taken this comedian, Judson Laipply. With that type of traffic, I’m sure he’s had some amazing things happen with his business. All this funny stuff and he’s actually a professional motivational speaker.

Video posts, as we can see here, are another way we can market our products and services. Video advertising have definitely helped this guy get seen. Here’s some of the reason why:

Creativity – Also know as differentiation in the marketing world. As you think about your product, service or idea – are you one of millions trying to market the same thing? What differentiates you?

Wide Target Audience – Everybody likes comedy; everybody has at least danced once in their lifetime; This video was a compilation of different eras of music and dance that we can all relate to.

Hilarious! – Everybody likes good, clean humor. Just like I talked about the other day – word of mouth advertising can have a huge effect on the traffic you get to your website, repeat business, and bottom line income. I’m sure word of mouth advertising played a huge role in over 42 million people viewing and sharing this video. Then it was favorited 150,885 times.

Check it out!

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