A Logical Explanation about Internet Success

I couldn’t say it better:

(view video here as well)

So, what does this mean? Well, the best thing I get from ShoeMoney’s frustration is that anyone can be successful if they stick to it and don’t give up. As he said, their “ship will come in” at some point. Does it happen overnight? Not necessarily. I listened the other day to the testimonial of a client we’ve worked with that didn’t make a single penny her entire FIRST YEAR in business. But, guess how much money she made the second year…over $100,000. Do you think she did this by sitting there feeling sorry for herself? Do you think the money all of a sudden came falling out of the sky? Do you think she stopped doing the things she’d been taught and marking her education as a loss? NO, NO, NO! None of these things happened.

There’s a reason why we go through a qualification process – we really do look for motivated people who are ready to make changes in their lives. We really do see success every day – in our own businesses and in the businesses of many of our clients. But, as one of my favorite success statements says:

“The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.” – Mark Twain

You have to stay the course and not look back wondering “What if” or the Success Train may pass you by.

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11 Replies to “A Logical Explanation about Internet Success”

  1. Great video. Common sense tells us anything worthwhile is worth doing. You have to roll up your sleeves and get down on your knees and be willing to do the dirty work before you can reap what you are willing to sow.

  2. This is an excellent video about how many people think of success on the internet. I have been trying to earn money using many different types of sites, affiliate programs, etc, but the only bottom line is that nothing will happen until you convince your customer that this is what they need at this time.

  3. Well, I listened to this & heard everybody I have ever known, who were successful, that you have to be in the right place @ the right time. This helps, but, it is not always true, but on the other hand, a little luck never hurt anyone. In todays fast paced society, and the Internet, the ones that were in at the start are the ones who actually are still making all the money. This situation may some day change, but at the present time if you don’t have a gimmick you need one. I have learned alot from the material & from Nate, I have not finished the course yet but I will. I don’t know if I will make money from this venture this year or next but I will keep on. There is no try either do or don’t but no try. That is what a lot of people who live their lives trying, what? Everything that comes along. “You have to stand for something or you will fall for everything” this is a true statement. I now from personal experience that this is true. I used to be an airplane mechanic, until the body gave it up, now I am “trying” to learn some thing new. I have had a lot of things not go my way, but I am still working toward this goal, not necessaraly as fast as Nate would like me to, but I am still working at it. More than likely, the success will come when I least expect it, about the time I decide to give up. If that time does come.

  4. It’s kinda funny, but for some reason a lot of people think that making money online is as simple as clicking a button. It’s like there is some magic “Easy Button” online that will turn you into a huge success overnight. If anyone knows where that button is, please let me know! I loved this video when I first saw it, he said things perfectly.

  5. I have learned a lot already from this program and continue to learn more with each new week. Many things that I didn’t know and didn’t imagine.

    The step by step approach to this entire process has allowed me to see success in each small, incremental step. From this I can see that perseverance is a major key to success. Take care of the small projects to build steady toward ultimate success with the major project…and DON’T GIVE UP!!

  6. Okay, okay – hard work comes first. And, yes, I am one of those frustrated people who want what they want when they want it. I want instant success and overnight fame and fortune – who doesn’t? I want to play now and maybe work later. I’ve worked hard since the age of 15, so when is it time to play??? Actually, building a website with the thoughts of success somewhere down the road is exciting – the process and the journey are actually a lot of fun. I enjoy the learning and know that what I learn now I can continue to apply in the future. Back to a previous article – I just need to focus on one aspect at a time. Thanks for the info and continued insight and encouragment.

  7. I have heard many times from my husband, “the reason I am working NOW is so we can play LATER”. I think this is so true! If we have goals in mind, we need to work towards those goals now…and reap the benefits of them later. It is exciting to see what my mind will create. I may want to be successful overnight, but how much more rewarding will it be to see my business grow one step at a time! What a fun and exciting journey!

  8. Usually people who make money overnight lose it just as quickly. A truly successful entrepreneur finds ways to provide quality products and services that will offer benefits for the long term. If it’s just all about making money, then what will you do when you make the big bucks? Hmmmm…let me think about that…relax on the beach, ride my bike in the woods, spend more time with my family….OK, it is about having enough money for the freedom to do all those things, but I’m willing to do some work and trust it will pay off in more ways than one. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on keepin’ on with http://www.BestHealthFoodStore.net.

  9. Thank you Nate for another great post. Success is to keep believing in yourself and keeping your vision in front of you. Behind every “overnight success” lie years of preparation. I am now 8 weeks into the programm and sowing the seeds for a bountiful harvest. I am enjoying the journey even if I have moments where I wish for it to be quicker. But I am learning so much along the way and know you cannot force a flower to bloom before its time.

  10. Hey Nate–
    Great post. There are thousands of people who think if they can just get on the right bandwagon, they can make money hand over fist without much work and very little effort. And there are lots of people on the internet who are very happy those people feel that way, and are more than happy to feed their fantasy and take their money.
    The truth is, any success takes hard work and commitment–and it very rarely happens over night. It’s more satisfying, too, to know that your own ideas and efforts have achieved the results you aimed for.