The Story Behind WEB801

It started when Nate wanted to help students with SEO…

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Mission Statement

At WEB801, our mission is clear: to help businesses thrive in the digital realm.

Our goal is to craft exceptional web solutions that not only enhance our clients’ online presence but also deliver tangible returns on investment.

With a blend of innovative design, strategic development, and data-backed insights, we transform ideas into success stories.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we love showcasing our victories through compelling case studies that demonstrate our real-world impact.

Our aim is to instill confidence in the digital landscape and your trusted partners in growth.

Let’s collaborate to create remarkable success stories together!

Our Process

Initial Meeting

We’ll discuss your marketing goals and objectives, and explore how we might work together.

1st Discovery Session

Here we’ll address one key concept that often gets overlooked: “What problems does your company solve?”

2nd Discovery Session

In this session we’ll define who the ideal client is for your company (and who it’s not). The “anyone is my client” answer won’t fly here.

3rd Discovery Session

Marketing Channels is discussed here – how is the website going to become an employee, how will it work FOR you, how will it become an INVESTMENT and not just a cost?

Solution & Proposal Presentation

We’ll compile all the solutions we’ve discovered together and determine the best next steps.

Kickoff Call

We’re hitting the ground running. We’ll review the entire process from start to finish, making sure everyone on board understands rolls and expectations.

Weekly Check-In Call

At regular intervals, we’ll check-in to be accountable for where we are in the process, to get feedback on status, and to talk about next steps.

Meet Our Team


Owner/Project Manager
Nate loves God, his wife, his kids, the Yankees, his clients, sales, traveling, and really good restaurants (in that order). He started Moller Marketing in 2006 to do one simple thing: help his clients understand all the basics of organic search engine optimization and building a successful online business. Almost 20 years later, Nate’s been able to work with amazing people from all over the world. He loves what he does and works in a hat, hoody, and t-shirt about 85% of the time.


Becky is the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Moller Marketing and owner of Becky’s Bookkeeping. She’s been the Executive Director of a non-profit organization. She’s taught Zumba, Pilates, and Yoga at two different local universities, and runs a full house of 5 kids. In the last few years, Becky has started a new business: Lifehouse Body & Soul (and Body Soul School online). These businesses are a combination of her amazing talents, all focused on mindfulness, meditation and a centered lifestyle. Moller Marketing and WEB801 wouldn’t be what it is today without Becky. Thanks to Becky for all her direction, organization, bookkeeping skills, and patience


Senior Project Manager
Chelsea is the glue the binds our clients to exceptional marketing and website performance. She’s a creative and energetic project manager who loves getting to know clients across all different industries. Her attention to detail is one of her greatest strengths (her bubbly personality is pretty great too)! Outside of work (is it really work if you love what you do?) you can find her hiking with her dog and enjoying all the perks of Salt Lake City. You’re in great hands working with Chelsea.


Senior Developer
Devin is the master at creation. He’s the type of developer that, if one can explain what they want, Devin can do it. And he’s great at more than just programming. He’s also a skilled woodworker, gymnastics coach, and father of 6 amazing kids. Devin has been an integral part of the growth of WEB801. His unique skill set with full stack development, PHP, and API Integrations has been extraordinary. WEB801 is grateful to have Devin on our team.


Designer & Front-End Programmer
KD has been working with WEB801 since 2018. He specializes in web design, development, and advanced custom fields. With attention to detail and a great work ethic, we couldn’t be more happier to have KD on the WEB801 team.


Senior Video Editor
Info coming soon


We’re always looking for skilled, specialized professionals at WEB801. We believe in the concept of “First WHO then WHAT.” We value positivity and results. If you feel you meet that criteria, let’s talk.

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