About WEB801.com

nate moller web801WEB801.com, formerly MollerMarketing.com, was started in December 2006 by Nate Moller. Initially just a blog used to help online marketing clients better understand what they needed to know about organic search engine optimization, the company has grown into a web agency specializing in conversion optimization, user experience, and membership site creation.


The ultimate goal at WEB801.com: to turn brochure sites into sales machines.

WEB801 Objectives

  • To help our clients see trackable Return On Investment (ROI)
  • To create killer case studies we can use for marketing
  • To build long-term business relationships with our clients
  • To create user-friendly online experiences
  • To turn Brochure websites into Sales Machines!


Discovery, Wireframing & Visitor Path

Building an effective, sales/lead generating website is similar to building a quality house: you have to map things out before you start the project.

At WEB801, our Discovery Process starts everything. We ask tough questions to help clients see their online business from a different perspective.

Through the Discovery Process, you’ll hear us talk a lot about the end goal. “Where do you want your clients to END UP on your website?” By answering this important question, we create visitor paths to direct clients and prospects down that ideal path.

From $0 - $326,000+

in 1st Year

The website then became an investment – not a cost.


After launching the new site in November 2017, we were able to help them generate 1182 qualified leads in the first month. That’s right, 1182 real clients from their website. These leads, according to the owner, have a 90% conversion rate and continue to come in daily. In 2018, assuming a 90% conversion rate, they closed over $326,000 in gross revenue that came directly through their “sales machine” website.


“Moller Marketing (WEB801) has just done the phase one of our website redesign, and I am excited to get phase two started. This is the second website I have had Nate and his team work on for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how easy their team is to work with! And they are local to Utah. I highly recommend Moller Marketing (WEB801).” – Rob Dutton, Lucky13SLC