Twitter vs StumbleUpon – The Social Media Duel

stumbleupon-vs-twitterThanks to Oprah’s conversation with Twitter CEO Evan Williams, millions more are now using Twitter.

Some say Twitter is the next Google…bold yet true?

StumbleUpon was finally bought back from eBay.

The world of social media marketing as we know it is changing.

What will happen next?

Isn’t social media life great?

Twitter vs. StumbleUpon


Twitter and StumbleUpon are two of my favorite social media platforms.  The question I propose, however:

Are Twitter and StumbleUpon fierce competitors or are they teaming up?

It’s a fact that Twitter and Stumbleupon serve different social media purposes.  Twitter is a micro-blog where people chat, broadcast and share the simple answer to “What are you doing?”.  StumbleUpon is used for online bookmarking and link building, amongst other things. 

Which is more important though?

I recently had one client inform me that because of a StumbleUpon push, one of his articles went “viral” and got over 30,000 Unique Visitors in one day.

When Ashton Kutcher “re-tweeted” an article for Darren Rowse, his traffic jumped from 13,000 uniques to almost 37,000 uniques in one day.

Which social media site do you feel has more “viral potential”?

Twitter & StumbleUpon Team Up

One thing I discovered that leads me to believe they are teaming up is the integration of Twitter and StumbleUpon. It doesn’t appear to be fully “baked” yet but here’s what it looks like:


You see, right below the Update Review button is a “Syndication options” link.

When you click on that, it will give you the option to “Post to Twitter“.

After you check that box, it will say “You are currently not logged in to Twitter.  Click here to authorize StumbleUpon to update your Twitter status.”

I clicked the “here” link and got this page:


So, it looks like it’s a work in progress but seems pretty cool – tying all the social media things we do together.

I’m excited to see where social media will take us in the next 6 months, 12 months, 3 years…

Newspapers are on their way out.

Television is changing too.

But online marketing and social media are here to stay!

How do the social media “die-hards” feel about this?