New Twitter Profile Layout Tips & Tricks

Did you realize that Twitter is giving some users the option to update the overall layout of their account?

Twitter changed their account profiles so you can visually tell the story of your business.

The good news is, with a little planning, you’ll now be able to create a Twitter page that performs like a business welcome page for existing and potential customers.


Tips & Tricks to Set Up Your New Twitter Profile

Here are some metrics to be aware of:

 The Profile Picture

  • Recommended Size: 400×400 pixels
  • If you’re using Twitter for business, include business logo as part of YOUR picture profile can help
  • Use the same profile picture in all your social networks to create brand recognition and help others “put a name to a face”


 Sharing Most Important Tweets

  • You can now not only embed a tweet within a blog post or page, but you can also Pin a tweet to your profile page
  • If there is something you’re promoting or want visitors to see, this is a way to get targeted traffic to a service or cause you value

“Amplify your awesomeness. Pin your favorite Tweet to the top of your profile, so nobody misses it. Swap it out anytime you want.”  – Twitter


Profile Decorating Tips

  • Choose a unique image to brand your Twitter profile
  • Recommended size: 1500 x 1500 pixels
  • Use this section as a resume of sorts
    • Share address to your other social networks
    • Share a tag line, mantra, or mission statement
    • Include a simple CTA (call to action)


Oh, the ease…

With the new Twitter profile, you’ll now be able to see all your photos and videos in one place.

Filter by favorites, followers, and more.

And view your Tweets — without lots of replies — in one seamless timeline.

Other Stuff We’ve Learned

What else is new? Here’s a running list of what’s been spotted:

  • Tweets that do better (more retweets, more favs, etc) are shown slightly larger than the rest.
  • If you pound the fav button constantly, heads up: your profile now keeps track. For example, Re/code’s Mike Isaac (a man who legend has it can actually fav tweets before they’re even written) has around 64,000 fav tweets.
  • You can pin tweets to the top of your stream, letting you set the first impression you give to any could-be followers who stumble across your profile. Here’s Josh Constine’s take on the importance of this feature
  • When viewing someone else’s profiles, you can now filter down to Tweets/Replies, Tweets with photos, or just tweets

More to come on this as we watch the changes.


First, here’s what our new Twitter profile looks like – at least one part of it:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 3.56.47 PM

Since this is somewhat new, it’s TBD on how we feel about the changes. We’ll start testing it out and see what we think.

The bottom line is, like most social media changes, it will eventually be required for all users so you might as well just implement it and test away.

Look forward to your feedback.


5 Simple Steps to Twitter Viral Marketing

I initially posted this article as a guest post on one of my favorite Twitter tips blogs.

The images I posted had some malfunctions. Here’s the update with a few edits to avoid duplicate content issues too.

You ever thought or heard these statements?

Twitter just takes too much time…

I don’t ever really see much come from my Twitter efforts…

Twitter does take time.

It can be hard to see immediate results from Twitter efforts.

Here’s a real-life success story on how I got lots of buzz and viral marketing – which means links, traffic, and brand building – via Twitter.

5 Simple Steps to Twitter Viral Marketing

Step 1: Guest Post on a Credible Blogs

  • 5 Blogging Basics You Can’t Live Without

Step 2: Send a Few DMs to Twitter Friends

Be careful. I read an interesting article about “how to piss off your Twitter followers“:

Unless you’re trying to get more exposure for some noble charity or cause, asking people to RT your tweets just makes you look pathetic. Enough said on that front.

Step 3: Ask Credible Twitter Users What They Think

  • Obviously the post has to be something half way decent if you expect any response.
  • Obviously the post has to be something related to what the Twitter user Tweets about.
  • Obviously, if you do this too often, you’ll be annoying and get un-followed!

Step 4: @CopyBlogger Re-Tweeted the Article

Thanks to @copyblogger (Brian Clark) for his willingness to pass on the article and link to his Twitter followers.

Step 5: The Viral Explosion Began!

Notice the effects @copyblogger’s RT had on the article distribution… Now the take-aways:

The 5 Keys to Twitter Viral Success

  1. Don’t Spam all Your Twitter Friends asking for a RT. Imagine going to a party and having one of your “friends” stand on the table the whole time jumping up and down yelling, Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! – Get the picture? Don’t do this!
  2. Reference other valuable articles within your blog post. Everyone likes a good mention, even big name bloggers. Referencing other credible blogs within your industry can help with search engine optimization efforts too.
  3. Beware of OVER self-promotion. Dan Hollings (Why Follow @dhollings) explained Twitter in one easy statement -“Twitter is like a “cocktail party” – you can’t just talk about yourself over and over again – you’ll lose people.” Similar to the friend jumping up and down on the table analogy – Just. Don’t. Do. This!
  4. Find Twitter users who have good listeners and become friends with them. The easiest way to monitor “listenership” is found in the proof above. If one friend RTs your stuff and then hundreds of their friends RT it, you know the friend has good “listeners”. Once you’ve found a friend with good Twitter listeners, don’t abuse the relationship.
  5. Be grateful! Even the big names in your industry appreciate a “Thanks.”

How have you implemented these Twitter Tips to see results?


Multiple Reasons to Love TweetDeck

tweetdeckIf you’re not on Twitter yet – Get Your Online Marketing Butt in Gear!

Twitter is growing like crazy!

Next time you watch the news I’ll bet you hear something about Twitter.

If you need to know how to set up a Twitter account, visit this article from

How to Set Up a Twitter Account

Once you have a Twitter account, the next step needs to be downloading TweetDeck.


TweetDeck is…

…your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more.

TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date.

4 Reasons I Love TweetDeck

1. Groups

This is probably the BEST REASON to use TweetDeck.  I can follow as many people as I want, but it can seem impossible to really get anything out of the twitter people I care most about.  TweetDeck Groups cures this problem.  Here’s what they look like:


I can select an option that looks like this at the top of TweetDeck tweetdeck-groups-icon – I will then be able to pick from all the people I’m following and turn them in to a small focused Twitter group.


Let me know in the comments if you have questions about this.

2. Re-Tweeting (RT)

Another cool function of TweetDeck – ease of “Re-Tweeting” (RT).  RT is best described as a “viral marketing” tool – a way to pass on good content.  The option shows up when you put our mouse on the icon of the person – like this (the arrow pointing to the right is the RT:


3. Search

Here’s what the search looks like –


This is an automated feature – all you have to do is set it up. The coolest thing about search is that you can monitor things being said about you, you can monitor specific keywords or keyword phrases, and you can monitor anything else you want to keep a close eye on.

4. Alerts

Many clients I work with think I’m on twitter all day every day.  The truth is…I am 🙂 – just kidding.  There’s no way.  But, with the Tweetdeck alerts, I can be notified when I’ve been replied to, when I’ve been sent a direct message or when something new was found in a specialized search I’ve been monitoring.  Heres what the alerts looks like (it shows up in the top right corner of the screen)


    These are my top 4 reasons to use TweetDeck and recently I discovered a new one too – the TwitPic Ajax feature (at least I think that’s what it is).

    Here’s what it looks like:


    To many of you, this may not be that big a deal, but to me it’s a time saver and TIME IS MONEY!

    TwitPic is a way to share pictures via twitter.  My “claim to fame” with TwitPic is when I helped @the_real_shaq learn how to upload pics to his Twitter Account (yep, another shameless plug for my Shaq Follow 🙂 )


    The point is, TweetDeck is a great tool to help you save time with your Twitter experience; and now they’ve added this cool new feature where you can see the TwitPic pictures right on your screen without opening a new browser window or tab.

    Have you tried yet?

    Why Twitter – Nate Moller Shares Tips (Video)

    If you have never heard of Twitter, this post is for you.

    If you’ve heard of Twitter but don’t really know what it is, read on!

    If you are a pro at Twitter and think you know all there is to know about it, make a comment and tell us all more 🙂

    Follow Nate Moller on Twitter!

    Here are other video links to the Orem Utah Tweetup! Special thanks to CoWork Utah for the great panel!

    Ash Buckles at Orem Utah Tweetup!
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    UPDATE: I met @h0neyb follow her! (0 is a zero, not an o) at the Orem Utah Tweetup.  Talk about passion for Twitter!  Here’s a great pic she recently shared: