Seth Godin Speaks in Salt Lake City

Before you read this, let me explain what I may start doing from time to time at

This blog post is a compilation of note taking, internal brainstorming, and reflection based on a great business conference I went to with Seth Godin.

I’ve read lots of Seth’s stuff. I know the guy is good. But I didn’t realize he was THAT GOOD.

Everything he said hit me right in the core.

I left the event with a new energy.

So anyway, from time to time I’m going to do blog posts in a brainstorming format (similar to this one).

Two Objectives for this Blogging Style

  1. Help readers see how they can put their own brains to work.
  2. Help me see and reflect on my own crazy ideas

I also hope this encourages questions, comments, and ongoing dialogue.

Seth Godin Conference

The more you fail, the higher your chances are to succeed!

Question: Are you a genius?

  • Someone who solves a problem in a new way.
  • Someone who figures out how to be a person, not a system.
  • Doing a word map – PEOPLE is what shows up most.
  • His new book talks to PEOPLE, not a company, system, organization.
  • Henry Ford created the “factory world” concept.
  • Interchangeable Parts – there used to be no such thing
  • Ford changed that process
  • Interchangeable parts leads to interchangeable people.
  • Replaceable people – AT&T hired TONS of women to be operators.

Public school is a scam design to create compliant workers.

The reason they want you to fit in is that once you do, then they can ignore you. – Seth Godin

Hunting > Farming > Compliant COGS > “Artists” is where we are NOW

What is an Artist?

  • Being a human.
  • Connecting with others.
  • Giving a gift.
  • Making a change for the better.

We don’t need painters who are cameras. We need painters who paint the way the see the world.

Artists shake things up – they are hard to replicate.

Text books are obsolete.

If you can write it down, I can find it cheaper.

We have to radically re-think what we do ALL DAY.

Don’t become a professional bowler!

  • The best you can do in bowling is 300.
  • There are no super-star bowlers.
  • No chance to stand out.

Don’t get in to a business where average is expected.

If you reward average, how are you going to get ahead?

The recession we are in is not about a bubble. There’s a 3rd thing going on.

A WALL has fallen down – you have the whole world at your fingertips. The world is now there with no middle man.

If you want to write a book, just publish it yourself.

Now you have no one to blame if you don’t succeed.

Why Being a Cafeteria Lady Sucks

  • You’re mistreated by your customers.
  • By your boss.
  • You’re interchangeable.

The Law of the Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk breaks things up in to 1 minute segments to get something for nothing.

Create & Invent – can you invent stuff I didn’t think of?


Taking notes are no good! (woops – I was taking detailed notes as he said that)

What questions ought one to ask to FIGURE THINGS OUT?

The way people/kids think now days:

  • If you buy a lot of stuff at Abercrombie, you’ll be more popular.
  • If you graduate with an A average – you’re “really good at school!”

The next thing I’m going to do is get a D, get laughed at, FAIL…

Most of Picasso’s paintings were HORRIBLE.

Don’t skip the few minutes that are filled with scariness.

Just because the tide is out doesn’t mean there’s no more water in the ocean.

Take a shot – make a difference.

I should try to fit in less. I should try to stand out more.

Gone is the day of Day’s Work = Day’s Pay

The most powerful voice in your head is the voice of the “lizard brain” – it’s the survival mechanism.

Anxiety of the experience of failure in advance.

How can I conquer the “lizard brain”?

If your “Art Doesn’t Work” you’re not pushing it hard enough.

Labor means DIFFICULT


When your lizard brain speaks up and says stop – GO!

SHIP – conquer the lizard brain, get the stuff out the door

Make Art
Give Gifts
Do work that matters

Thoughts on this blogging style?

How Do You Manage Your Time?

This is information I shared yesterday with 40 colleagues.

We talked about time management techniques and how we can better take care of clients, including how to better run an online business.


How would you answer the following questions?

How do I currently manage my time?

What are 3 things I can do better to manage my time?



What will the results be if and when I do these 3 things?

Why Do You Have to Fail to Really Succeed?

Do you really have to fail to succeed?

Or is that just one of those stupid cliches that people tell you to keep you motivated?

What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

In life?

In business?

In whatever?

Were you a first time phenom?

Or did it take a bit of time before you finally “made it” to the top of your “game”?

Starting an online business is HARD WORK! It takes self-motivation and persistence that some people just don’t have.

You have to set goals, monitor progress, and work hard through hard times.

So how do people do it?

Watch, listen, learn and apply!

How do you plan to apply this?

What’s a failure you’ve made today that is leading towards success?

Is There a Sure Fire Way to Make Millions Online?

I help clients start online businesses via wholesale solutions, dropshippers, affiliates and blogging.  I then help them market these projects online with search engine optimization and social media strategies.

I’ve worked with clients who are very internet saavy.

I’ve worked with clients who are in the “older years” and need a bit more hand holding.

What I’ve found through these experiences can be summed up by a famous American:

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well. – Abraham Lincoln

So what does this really mean?

While doing my daily routine today of reading and commenting on blog posts, working on Twitter, etc. I found this cool video courtesy of @chrisbennett.

You don’t have to watch the whole thing (up to 3:11 is enough) to get the gist:

You can do WHATEVER you set your mind to!

Now watch this video!

6 Year Old Proves You Can Do Whatever You Want

Questions to Consider

Do you think this little guy was initially scared to hit those jumps?

Do you think he wiped out a few times?

Do you think this skill was developed overnight?

Do you think he had to practice a lot?

Running a successful online business is so much like this snowboarding video.

How to Make Money Online

You have to break fears.

It takes failure over and over again + learning to deal with it and move forward.

It takes time.

It takes practice.

And eventually, with persistence, you can succeed.

Notice I DIDN’T say you WOULD succeed. I said you CAN succeed.

Your initial idea my not be the “Million Dollar Maker”. In fact, it may completely flop.

Johnny B. Truant shared his philosophy on the ultimate formula for success as an new online business owner:

For many (maybe most) beginners, the surest way to begin building a good income online is to focus on networking and business principles, not push-button systems and arbitrage.

  • How do you network?
  • What are business principles?

If you have these questions, your first assignment is to find the answers, probably BEFORE you even start your first business!

My biggest recommendation for success with an online business boils down to this simple statement:

But be persistent and BELIEVE YOU WILL SUCCEED!

I believe Johnny’s formula backs up my words of wisdom:

The one and only one true formula for success

  1. Try.
  2. Repeat step 1 until the desired result is achieved.

How does this cool video help you believe in your abilities to be an online entrepreneur?

How to Choose the Best Dropship Products

Choosing which products to sell online can be one of the most challenging aspects of setting up your online business.

While you can always switch products, it will save you time and money to pick a winner upfront, especially if you are designing an entire website around a specific product theme.

5 tips to choose the best dropship products

Tip #1: Start Small

People are often tempted to start dropshipping plasma screen TV’s and diamond jewelry because they think they’ll make the most money this way. It’s hard enough to get people to give you their credit card number for a small purchase, never mind something that costs $3000.

Until you’ve built a positive reputation and rating on eBay, with the BBB, and online in general, it’s better to be a little more conservative in your product choices.

The best dropship products may be ones in the $30-120 range, which tend to sell well online.

Remember, it’s not always the most expensive items that have the largest profit margin: you’ll make more money dropshipping $80 purses if you’re getting them for $20 than you would selling $400 laptops if they cost you $350.

Tip #2: Consider Shipping

Whenever you sell a product online, you need to consider how shipping will inflate the price.

The cost of the item plus shipping should equal what a person could get the same item for at a brick-and-mortar store. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule: if a product is extremely rare or is not sold in any great variety at your local mall, than it will have a greater demand online.

In general, dropshipping items like stainless steel refrigerators and swimming pools doesn’t work due to the cost of shipping such bulky products.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid To Specialize

Choose a niche, not a general store.

You’re not going to be able to compete with the variety and price of products available online from Target or Wal-Mart. However, you can compete in a specialized niche market.

Focusing on a niche also allows you to write blogs, articles, and tips closely related to your product, which will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), drive traffic to your website, and help build a relationship with your customers.

The best dropship products are often those related to a specific hobby or theme.

Tip #4: Find Your Point Of Difference

When people pitch their online business to me, I hear a lot of ideas like “My website will be just like” or “It’s going to be just like Office Max”.

Your website shouldn’t be “just like” anything.

If your site is exactly like a bigger, more established website, how are you going to compete?

You need a “point of difference “, a product or service you offer that sets your online business apart. It should fulfill a need in your specific market that is not already being filled. You can get ideas for your point of difference by scoping out your niche community online (joining discussions on message boards, reading blog posts, etc.). You may discover that there are plenty of jewelry-making sites, but none that cater specifically to period-era jewelry, or maybe there are plenty of fishing websites, but a dearth of quality spear-fishing products.

Tip #5: Remember Your Own Purchases

If you’re having a horrible time brainstorming, and you just can’t think of anything you want to sell online, think back to the products you’ve bought online over the last month or year. What did you buy? What made you go online instead of to a local store? Why did you choose the specific website you purchased from? How did you find the products you were looking for? Examining your own purchases can give you more than dropship product ideas: it can also help you formulate a web design and marketing strategy.

If you need additional help choosing dropship products, check out the following blog article:

Products to Sell Online for a Profit

This article contains a long list of products you can sell online for a profit. You can also find suppliers for virtually any product on this site.

Leah Darrow is a blogger for a wholesale dropshipping company. She also writes educational material, all geared toward helping people start online businesses. She and her husband Ryan were married in December 2008, and they live in Provo, UT.

The Best of Moller Marketing in 2009

Happy New Years Eve Moller Marketing readers!

I’m sitting in snowy northern Wisconsin right now preparing for a fun-filled day of sledding with the kids, swimming in the in-door pool, eating more than I need to, and watching college football. It doesn’t get too much better than this (unless you’re in Arizona my friend might say).

As is the “end-of-the-blogging-year” tradition, I wanted to share a few of the articles I’ve written I feel have been the most helpful blog posts in 2009.

What articles have you found about blogging, social media, and online marketing that you’d like to share in the comment section below?

Tutorial: How to Create a Gmail Account

I know for most of the Moller Marketing readers this is way too basic.

But this is a question I get from time to time as I help clients start an online business.

First let’s talk about…

gmail-logoWhy Gmail?

  1. Less Spam (or the spam is filtered in to a spam box)
  2. Mobile Access: I don’t use this yet but probably will in the near future.
  3. Lots of Space: unlike my Outlook account where I have to “Archive” things all the time, Gmail has SO MUCH free storage.
  4. Access to everything else Google Offers: when you set up a Gmail account, you’re also setting up a Google Account, which will give you access to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and other cool things from Google.
  5. It’s always getting better: Gmail seems to always be doing something new. Check out their Gmail blog for all the things they have in the works.

Now the step by steps!

How to Set up a Gmail Account

Step 1:

  • Go to and click on Create an Account


Step 2:

  • Fill out the appropriate information


  • You may enter in an email address that is already taken, Gmail will give you other options.


  • Make sure to pick a password you’ll remember and that is “Strong” according to Google (using numbers and other characters can help)


  • Use a security question you’ll remember (I’ve set up an account and then forgot HOW I typed in the answer…IDIOT Me!)
  • When you’re finished, click  the “I accept. Create my account.” button.

Step 3:

  • Congratulations – it was THAT EASY!


  • You can now go straight to your account.

Step 4:

  • Start testing it out!

Other Cool Gmail Features

  • Importing contacts from other email: You can import your contacts and mail from Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, and many other web mail or POP accounts. If you want, we’ll even keep importing your mail for the next 30 days.
  • Google Chat & Video Chat: You don’t have to use another program — chat is built right into Gmail. Learn more about Google chat. You can even talk face to face with voice and video chat. All you need is a webcam and a small download that takes seconds to install.
  • Archiving: You shouldn’t ever have to throw things away. Archiving moves messages out of your inbox and into “All Mail,” so they don’t clutter your inbox but remain searchable in case you ever need them again. Learn more about Gmail Archiving.
  • Labels: Labels do the work of folders with an extra bonus: a conversation can have several labels, so you’re not forced to choose one particular folder. Learn more about Gmail Labels.

Why do you use Gmail?

Looking for Wholesale Dropshippers?

So which comes first when starting an eCommerce business:

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world and have come to this conclusion – Without suppliers for an eCommerce business, it doesn’t matter at all how great a “niche” you find.

wholesale-dropshippersIf you can’t get access to products to sell online, doing supply and demand research probably won’t even matter too much.

There are many ways to find suppliers: looking locally, trade shows, searching online, etc. WholesaleMatch is one of the options I recommend when looking for product suppliers. Here are my top 5 reasons for working with

  1. Not a third party affiliate system. Other product sourcing companies I’ve seen claim they are the best dropship directory. The first thing I ask these dropship directory companies, especially if they claim THEY are the dropshipper, is “Where do you stock your inventory?” If they have “various locations” for inventory my conclusion is that they are an in-between for your company and the real dropshipper or manufacturer. This means the price you get at a wholesale price isn’t going to be as good as if you went directly to the source. Wholesale Match gives you direct contact with suppliers from all over the world, including contact info, website address, and phone numbers.
  2. Always finding more suppliers. I’ve been aware of WholesaleMatch for over three years now and have seen so much added to their site. This, to me, is the sign of a good product sourcing company. Not only do they have a team of researchers, but they also attend live tradeshows to connect with “niche” wholesale dropshippers.
  3. Great information on their blog. I’ve worked with their blog authors and they have a wealth of knowledge. It’s a recommended read.
  4. Growing Social Media Connections. Wholesale Match can be reached on Twitter (@wholesalematch). They have a Facebook Fan page (Become a Fan) and they are working on establishing stronger accounts with StumbleUpon, YouTube and other social networks.
  5. The year membership is a steal for what you get. I’ve created a few websites and always use to find product suppliers. To know that I will have access to this information for a full year is invaluable.

Here’s some feedback I’ve received about Wholesale Match from clients I work with. Read and enjoy!

“I am going to say a few words about WholesaleMatch. First, it is a very good directory for finding suppliers. I have been approved by two suppliers…the first one has about 25,000 products to offer; the second one has over 25 products – all of which are very good. WholesaleMatch has a wide variety of suppliers, dropshippers, wholesalers, and more. And as far as I can see, they keep improving all the time.”

Herbert H.
North Brismick, NJ

Here’s another:

I purchased a membership…My salesman was Steve S. who gave me a full membership with premium support. He told me I would be assigned a person from their product research team who would be my trainer and would make sure to find the dropship products I want. Even if I cannot find the products in their database, my trainer will go out to trade shows and find the product for me. They want to be my resource for finding products. For your information and records.

Margaret W.

What have your experiences been with this wholesale dropshipper directory?

What Do Moller Marketing Readers Think

Like my little boy in the picture, Moller Marketing is always doing two things:

  1. Looking ahead, shooting for the stars.
  2. Rooting for the New York Yankees!

I’ve wanted to do a feedback online survey for quite some time at Moller Marketing. Not only do I feel that client feedback is the MOST IMPORTANT factor any business can measure, but I also like to interact with all of you and get your two cents 🙂 (this doesn’t mean your money unless you’d like to donate two cents LOL)

I recently found another COOL TOOL from Google that you should all learn how to use – Google Docs Forms!

Click on the image below to tell me what you think about Moller Marketing content, what you’d like to read about in the future, and to share recommendations:


Thanks for your feedback! As long as it’s good, we’ll implement it promptly 🙂

Follow Moller Marketing, Subscribe to Moller Marketing via Email, and stay up-to-date on what we’re up to:

10 Social Media Marketing Books To Read in 2010

I know, 2010 isn’t here yet.

But the Holidays are right around the corner; they’re playing Christmas music on the radio, and snow is on the ground in Utah!

So, I’ve started thinking about what my goals and objectives should be for 2010.

Speedometer - Reaching Your GoalOne of the things I really want to commit to doing more of in 2010 is READING! I’ve been working harder (not tonight – it’s almost 12:30 a.m.) to stick to a schedule. It consists of the following morning activities:

  • waking up at a certain time – TBD 🙂
  • reading a motivational book for 30 minutes
  • meditating
  • writing down thoughts and goals for the day

In the evening, I’ve set these priorities:

  • finishing “work” by a certain time – TBD too 🙂
  • planning out the following day with a “To-Do List
  • reading a business book for 30 minutes
  • meditating
  • lights off by ____?

When I follow this “agenda” – my entire day and week seem to go better.

Do you follow a specific agenda?

As you can see, I’ve designated at least 30 minutes per day, 7 days a week, to read a business book.

As I start to think about my goals for 2010, here are a list of marketing books I plan to read:

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Books I Plan to Read!

  1. Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion
  2. Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs (The New Rules of Social Media)
  3. The New Rules of Marketing and PR
  4. The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success
  5. Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business
  6. Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day
  7. ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income
  8. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
  9. Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable
  10. the-tipping-pointThe Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

The Tipping Point is the highest rated book of all of these according to Amazon – it’s number 74!

I’m excited for the upcoming year and look forward to setting and achieving the goals I write down and review frequently.

I’m also excited to hear about your online marketing success and how these books help you become the best social media marketers and online business owners.