Finding suppliers can be fun with WholesaleMatch

Finding suppliers is one of the Two Main Hurdles I tell clients they have to get by when building a new eCommerce business. If you can’t get access to products to sell online, the rest of the stuff we talk about probably won’t even matter much. There are many ways to find suppliers: looking locally, searching online, etc. WholesaleMatch is one of the options I recommend when looking for product suppliers. There are many reasons why I like them but here are my top 5.

  1. They aren’t a Third Party affiliate system. What does this mean? Other product sourcing companies I’ve seen claim they are dropshippers. However, when you contact them for a sale you’ve made, they then contact the “real” dropshipper or manufacturer. Basically they are just an in-between of your company and the real dropshipper. This means the price you get at a wholesale price isn’t going to be as good as if you went directly to the source.
  2. They are always finding more suppliers. I’ve been aware of WholesaleMatch for over a year now and have seen so much added to their site. This, to me, is the sign of a good product sourcing company.
  3. They give great information in their blog. I know both blog authors and they have a wealth of knowledge. It’s a recommended read.
  4. The lifetime membership is a steal for what you get. I’ve created a few websites and always use TheShipper to find suppliers. To know that I will have access to this information for a lifetime is invaluable.
  5. They understand that they aren’t the ONLY product sourcing option. Some companies in the product sourcing market think they are the one-stop shop for all your product sourcing needs. That’s definitely not true at all. TheShipper encourages clients to look for all kinds of ways to find suppliers, including tradeshows, auctions, etc. This is commendable.

Here’s some feedback I’ve received about TheShipper from clients I work with. Read and enjoy!

“I am going to say a few words about WholesaleMatch. First, it is a very good directory for finding suppliers. I have been approved by two suppliers…the first one has about 25,000 products to offer; the second one has over 25 products – all of which are very good. WholesaleMatch has a wide variety of suppliers, dropshippers, wholesalers, and more. And as far as I can see, they keep improving all the time.”

Herbert H.
North Brismick, NJ

Here’s another one:

I purchased a lifetime membership…My salesman was Steve S. who gave me a full membership with premium support. He told me I would be assigned a person from their product research team who would be my trainer and would make sure to find the dropship products I want. Even if I cannot find the products in their database, my trainer will go out to trade shows and find the product for me. They want to be my resource for finding products. For your information and records.

Margaret W.

What have your experiences been with WholesaleMatch?

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17 Replies to “Finding suppliers can be fun with WholesaleMatch”

  1. As you know Nate, I’m just starting to stick my toe in these waters. I appreciate your information as always.

  2. There is no question that this helps narrow your search for suppliers. Hopefully I will find the quality of suppliers I am seeking.

    1. Glad it’s helping. Remember, WholesaleMatch is only one source. One of the best places to find suppliers is at a tradeshow or via local connections – it helps to be able to meet business owners or potential suppliers in person if possible.

      Keep me posted on your product sourcing progress.

  3. Yes, I have already signed up for the 15 months also. I have been impressed with their customer service/support with each issue I have had.

  4. TheShipper has also helped me find the suppliers I need. I was desparately searching their site, during the trial membership, when they gave me a call and signed me up for their services for the next 15 months. I did not realize they had life memberships.

    I have to agree, they are quite good at what they do. I certainly appreciate their help.

  5. Hi Nate,
    I, too, have found The Shipper to be a good source of potential suppliers. The staff seems to be conscientious and dedicated. They also get back to you quickly with a list of possible drop-shippers for your product(s).

  6. Nate,
    I too am just starting but so far I have had a positive beginning experiences with TheShipper. They are currently looking for suppliers to assist me. I will also be checking out I also need to get going and start selling.

  7. I have to admit…this is the most intimidating part of the business process for me! I am excited though to have such great contacts! Thanks for the references!

  8. I’m new at this but it looks to me like the shipper is a great place to get started. Finding suppliers is difficult and it appears that the shipper is a good place to go and just have them find the suppliers for you. They have provided me with sources for the products I want to sell. I just have to get going and start selling.

  9. The Shipper is an excellent site for finding suppliers. If you can not find the suppliers you are looking for, you just contact them and they will help you look for drop shipping suppliers or wholesalers in the field you need products to sell on your web site. Another site that is very good for finding suppliers is,, Commission Junction.Com. Between these two you should be able to find as much as you need, and there are other sites available to all of us if we need additional sources.

  10. Nate,
    I’m also a fan. Most aggregate suppliers don’t give you a relationship with the manufacturer or the wholesaler directly. So if you stop subscribing you lose all your products. Also, they are often not that competitive on prices.
    The Shipper is my favorite place to find suppliers. I did an experiment with my students. I looked through the list of drop shippers. In 2 hours I had found a supplier and started doing keyword research on their products. In 3 days I had 3 suppliers. They were all really good quality.
    Sometimes students think it’s hard to find a supplier but I think it’s easy with a company like The Shipper. In the past I’ve just done affiliate stores or information sites. The percentage was around 20% at the most and I lost the relationship with my customer as they went to another site to make the purchase. I’m a convert to finding suppliers and setting up an ecommerce store.
    I’ll check out their blog, thanks for the reference!