Membership: 10 Blogging Tips You Have to Know

Moller Marketing provides small business consulting to help clients learn how to best optimize their websites for search.

Through our experience, we’ve realized that there are a few principles that, if practiced, will dramatically increase the likelihood of your business website getting found in search engines for targeted keyword phrases.

Since we’re a big fan of lists in blogging, here’s the simple list of things you SHOULD do in every business blog post:

10 Basic Blogging Tips for On-Site SEO

  1. Make the article at least 250 words. Recent articles state that more content is better as long as it’s fresh and relevant.
  2. Give the article a keyword rich title tag
  3. Adjust the permalink to include a variation of the same keyword phrase as your title
  4. Repeat the keyword phrase you’re targeting at least 1% of the time within the content of your blog post (ie. starting an online business would be used 3 times if the article I’m writing is 250-300 words long).
  5. Use the keyword phrase to link to another related article on your website
  6. Reference another legitimate source with a “target=”_blank” hyper link (that means the link opens in a new window)
  7. Use at least one image in your blog post and include a title tag and alt text with the keyword phrase you’re targeting (make sure the image is somewhat relevant to the keyword phrase you’re using)
  8. Send the new blog post link to friends and ask them to share in social networks and comment.
  9. Be consistent in your blogging – I recommend at least 1 time per week to clients who are using blogging as an online marketing strategy (which you all SHOULD BE). Scheduling blog posts is a “secret” that makes blogging consistently a LOT easier.
  10. Review this article from time to time – for some reason many of these tips are often overlooked in business blogging.

There you have it. Nothing really too “under the table” or “crazy unique”. But, if all business bloggers implemented these strategies, their websites and blogs would get a LOT more natural search engine traffic – and I can GUARANTEE THAT because I’ve tested it with brand new sites and old sites alike, and I’ve seenover-night results (and that’s a phrase I really HATE so it must be true).

What results have you seen/are you seeing as you practice these business blogging tips?