Membership: Avoiding GoDaddy Upsells

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains

I thought I’d put together a step by step ordering system to avoing upsells. There are many different places you can buy domain names. Often times I’ll buy a domain name and then point it to another hosting system like BlueHost. To purchase domain names, I choose primarily because of credibility and reliability. However, like any business, Godaddy is always trying to increase the average transaction size. This step by step guide will hopefully help you avoid spending $300 + on one simple domain name (I had a client almost do this once, no joke!)

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Look for this box. Type in a domain name you may be interested in and push Enter (notice the .com is already there at the end)


Step 3: If the domain is available it will look like this:godaddy7.png

If the domain name is already taken, you will see something like this:

Look for additional domain names below:


Step 4: If you find the domain name you want, check the box and click Continue

Step 5: This is where things can get tricky. You may see a page like this:


Most often, you want to click on No thanks. Continue to checkout… You don’t need the other websites and this is how GoDaddy increases the transaction size.

Step 6: Fill out the information. Create a new account:


Step 7: Here’s another red flag…look at all the upsells they shoot for here! Things I recommend:

  • Get a domain name for at least 3 years
  • Get the standard package
  • Steer clear of everything else.


Step 8: Below the above information you’ll see this box. Make sure you do the Quick Checkout option!


Step 9: You’re almost there (dang this is a pain in the neck!) Here’s where we verify that we haven’t purchased anything we didn’t mean to purchase:


Step 10: You did it! Now get out there and make some money! But wait, there’s one last thing: unless you want to be sent tons of promotions, select no to all these things:


Hope this helps! Now purchase your domain name with CAUTION!