MollerMarketing Back on Twitter Thanks to Blog World Expo 2008

Twitter is all about new age word of mouth networking! BlogWorld Expo 2008 has really opened my mind to the possibilities for networking effectively with Twitter.

If you haven’t used twitter yet, I recommend you get started today! Follow me at MollerMarketing Twitter.

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One Reply to “MollerMarketing Back on Twitter Thanks to Blog World Expo 2008”

  1. A dear friend of mine, Russ Hunsaker ( mentioned to me this morning that internet marketing is your business.

    I have owned a manufacturing/wholesale/retail business since 1976 and have been selling online since 1995.

    I’m interested in hiring an internet marketer to increase my exposure. Is this something that you do?
    And, do you have references of other companies you have helped?

    Thanks in advance,

    Don Walker