My Visit to Historic Yankee Stadium

As some of you may know, my 30th birthday was recently.  I knew my wife had something up her sleeve, but had NO IDEA what actually was going to happen.  Here are a few of the pics:

First, my wife through me a surprise party and brought a baseball cake.  My wife is notorious for giving away surprises on accident.  For my first birthday as a married guy, she blind folded me and drove me around in our car.  Then her cell phone rang and it was a friend from Wisconsin – she told the friend exactly what she was doing, where we were going, etc. while I was sitting right there 🙂  So, that she kept this surprise party on the low-down was a surprise in and of itself.

Second, the gift of all gifts – two tickets to the New York Yankess vs. Boston Red Sox baseball game at historic Yankee Stadium.  About 3 months ago, while watching Sportscenter, I called my Dad and told him how cool it would be to go to Yankee Stadium before they tore it down.  Our family have been avid Yankee fans, probably since my great grandpa came in to New York from Denmark way back when.  But we’d never been to Yankee stadium to see where the Babe, Lou, Yogi, Mickie, and the legends played the game.  These tickets were for August 27th at Yankee Stadium!  My dad and I were headed to New York City at midnight on the 26th!  Holy Cow!

While we were there, prior to the game, we saw where the David Letterman show was held (ate at a classic Italian pizza place next door).  We rode on the New York subways a ton, and then THE BIG GAME!  Unfortunately, the Yankees got their butts kicked by the rival Red Sox, but that we were there on my birthday to celebrate was enough for me.

So, thanks to my wonderful wife for the most memorable birthday party ever!

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