Stumble Upon Testing with Images

Does using images in StumbleUpon (and other social media tools) help you get more traffic to your site?

This is a question I want answers to. My “gut” says yes, of course images are going to help. But testing will be the only way I can really say for sure. You’re feedback will help too.

One test I recently did was with a new website I created for Utah Tourism and Business Reviews. Here’s the SU Review:

spanish fork utah massage

I made this post about Spanish Fork Utah massage the day after I opened up the website and then, by habit, reviewed it and included an image. These are the results I got within an hour:

utah county reviews stats

71 visitors and 108 page views. Now to many, this may not be great traffic at all, but to me, it was awesome since it was all within an hours time. If my goal with the site is to get high numbers of traffic, this is a great step in that direction. Plus it helped me build links for that page which led to a quick cache by Google not long after opening day. I was out of the “sand box” quick and it’s only going to get better.

What have your experiences been with adding images to your social media marekting reviews?

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7 Replies to “Stumble Upon Testing with Images”

  1. Nate:

    Interesting premise for the use of images, particularly since this post has an expired image from Flickr. The rapidity that using SU gets traffic and Google’s blessing is a big plus.



  2. You can’t help but believe the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I am a big believer in using images with all posts. You can send a very strong message with the blink of an eye when using an appropriate image. I believe that it greatly enhances your reader’s ability to remember your marketing message and who you are.

    Very valuable information.



  3. Maybe working with SU and developing traffic requires persistence. I usually want instant results. One day I’ got almost 2,000 quality visitors. I need to do that every day.

  4. I personally have bad experience with stumbleupon. Yes, i get traffic but those were not the targeted ones may be something went wrong from my end not sure…

  5. Well, to really test this, you need to compare the review to an almost identical page (or even the same page on a different URL) with a review without an image. How do they compare?

    Without it, it is difficult to judge, because people don’t see the image unless they visit the reviews page (only a small portion of people leave reviews, most thumb up or don’t do anything, i.e. keep on stumbling).