The Power of Linkbaiting!

Link Baiting, or linkbaiting, is one of the waves of the future for SEO and SMO. Below are some things I really liked from

Link Baiting

The idea of link baiting is to create a piece of content which is centered on a set demand from a specific audience. Questions to ask yourself are:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Why would they care?
  • Why would they want to share your ideas?

Some common link baiting techniques

  • Talk about a specific target audience.
  • Give people a way to feel important about themselves, someone they care about, or something they feel should be important.
  • Take recent events and scale them out to others in your community.
  • Be controversial.
  • Be complete thorough.

Mine, Mine, Mine!

  • People like to view themselves as being important.
    • Many bloggers search for links to their blogs on Technorati or Google Blog Search multiple times each day.
    • Calling out specific people, especially with humor.
    • People are more likely to believe and spread messages which reinforce their opinion.
  • Community involvement is important to help others identify with and feel ownership in your link bait.

Just Ask!

  • Ask for feedback from people who may be interested in helping you improve your idea or helping you market it.
    • Asking people for feedback can help others feel ownership in your idea, and is a way to pitch them on your idea without looking sleazy pitching it.
  • Some social news sites allow you to place voting buttons on your site. Do so on your most important ideas.
  • Have a friend or yourself submit your best ideas to the most authoritative and relevant social news sites.
    • Ensures your story has a title that is easy to vote for.
    • Ensures your story is submitted at an appropriate time.
    • If you do not do it soon after mentioning a story on your own site someone else may submit for you, using a dumb title or dumb post content.

Leverage, Leverage, Leverage
Use the connections you have.

  • Call in favors from people you helped in the past.
  • Incorporate community ideas into your idea.
  • Leverage friends and contacts via instant message and email.
  • Build accounts on social news sites:,, etc.

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