UtahSEOPlanet Welcomes Moller Marketing!

Wanted to make a quick post about UtahSEOPlanet.com – a new blog just for Utah Marketing based blogs.  Christer Edwards, a friend and colleague, is amazing and getting SMO’d by digg, delicious and other sites.  Check it out when you get a chance – you’ll find http://mollermarketing.com there.

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2 Replies to “UtahSEOPlanet Welcomes Moller Marketing!”

  1. Cool new information: I was doing research on Page Rank for a few of my sites and checked on UtahSEOPlanet.com. Surprisingly, some of google’s servers have UtahSEOPlanet.com with a Page Rank or 3 already. I was really surprised and impressed. Keep up the great work, Christer!