VIDEO: Matt Cutts Talks about Permalinks for WordPress

Have you ever seen a URL that has a suffix like this:

Without clicking on the link, I’d like some guesses on what this article is about (or is it a product, or is it the weather report, or….)


And neither do search engines.

No offense KSL, but your On-Site SEO efforts are pretty ugly…

Now compare the KSL link above to this “SEO Friendly” Link:

Yep, this link is all about how free hosted websites (like Blogger or sites) are an invitation to FAIL if used for a business platform.

Not only is this more appealing to a reader who sees the link information, but search engines also take notice of these simple on-site SEO efforts.

Don’t believe me? Listen to what Matt Cutts, the Google Man, has to say about effective permalinks:

Your thoughts now?

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