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What Do Moller Marketing Readers Think

Like my little boy in the picture, Moller Marketing is always doing two things:

  1. Looking ahead, shooting for the stars.
  2. Rooting for the New York Yankees!

I’ve wanted to do a feedback online survey for quite some time at Moller Marketing. Not only do I feel that client feedback is the MOST IMPORTANT factor any business can measure, but I also like to interact with all of you and get your two cents 🙂 (this doesn’t mean your money unless you’d like to donate two cents LOL)

I recently found another COOL TOOL from Google that you should all learn how to use – Google Docs Forms!

Click on the image below to tell me what you think about Moller Marketing content, what you’d like to read about in the future, and to share recommendations:


Thanks for your feedback! As long as it’s good, we’ll implement it promptly 🙂

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