What is Wikipedia thinking?

Talk about making a post on your blog to raise a ruckus, Steven Rubel has gone off his rocker by thinking that Wikipedia is a threat to Google!  Like Russ Page said, without Google many internet browsers probably wouldn’t even know Wikipedia exist3e.  I work with clients all the time who are brand new to the internet, eCommerce, search engines, and even copy and paste.  However, every single one of them knows what Google is.  I guarantee that, if I did a survey to ask normal internet users what Wikipedia was, the high majority of them would have no idea.  Sure, Wikipedia is getting more and more recognition, but a threat to Google? Yeah right!

I’m sure there are many who look at Google as the “WalMart of the internet” – taking over whatever they want; but the fact is, Google is the company we all look to.  Google’s acquisition of YouTube was ingenious: combining two powerhouses in to one big monopoly! Many of us have heard of the snowball effect where something starts out pretty small, but as it gains momentum, nothing can get in its way.  Google is the avalanche of the internet! Wikipedia, Yahoo, MSN, and whoever else…good luck slowing them down.

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One Reply to “What is Wikipedia thinking?”

  1. You know, until you posted this I didn’t even know what Wikipedia was! I had never visited the site and had no idea what they had to offer. You’re sure right when you say everyone knows what Google is, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t know what Google was. Sounds to me like someone just didn’t do his research when making a post about Google being threatened by Wikipedia.