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Why Twitter – Nate Moller Shares Tips (Video)

If you have never heard of Twitter, this post is for you.

If you’ve heard of Twitter but don’t really know what it is, read on!

If you are a pro at Twitter and think you know all there is to know about it, make a comment and tell us all more 🙂

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Here are other video links to the Orem Utah Tweetup! Special thanks to CoWork Utah for the great panel!

Ash Buckles at Orem Utah Tweetup!
Newspapergrl (Janet Meiners Thaeler) talks about Twitter
Jesse Stay at TweetUp
Mick Hagen at Orem Utah Tweetup

UPDATE: I met @h0neyb follow her! (0 is a zero, not an o) at the Orem Utah Tweetup.  Talk about passion for Twitter!  Here’s a great pic she recently shared:

15 replies on “Why Twitter – Nate Moller Shares Tips (Video)”

We were in Orem, UT at CoWork Utah – near 400 N on State Street. I don’t have a list of conferences but will check on that for you. I’m sure more events like this one will be coming soon – I’ll keep you posted.

I think it’s awesome how you went through the back door to get @THE_REAL_SHAQ to follow you.. I’m glad I got to chat with you a little before the panel started.

I believe that Twitter does bring a lot of connections to. I’ve learned so much from people on Twitter, and continue to everyday. I’ve added you to my Google Reader to read your posts at work.

I’m workin on my 5 reasons I use Twitter list right now:-) Thanks!

It was great to meet you at the panel too and chat about your cool ideas and how you use twitter.

Thanks for adding me to your Google Reader. I’ll look forward to seeing your 5 Reasons Why You Use Twitter.

The TweetUp got me all excited about networking, which is really what Twitter is about at it’s core. I want to focus on using Twitter to make more real world connections. It was very cool too hear what you and the other’s on the panel have been able to accomplish through Twitter connections.

Thanks for the comment Ryan! It’s so true that networking, relationships and real world connections are what’s so cool about Twitter.

I’ll look forward to hearing about who you connect with and how Twitter changes your life 🙂

Glad you liked the video. I know Guy has his take on the whole Twitter idea. He’s said a lot about it on his blog. Something to the effect of:

If you don’t like how I use twitter, don’t follow me!

Thanks for the comment!

Great Video Nate!
The Shaq, Cool I might try that tactic with some of my people LOL. I know that I’ve been using Twitter for a few months for other things and found that out of the millions of users it was quite difficult to make friends from the followers – UNTIL I was refered to TweetDeck by Dave Barnes what a good man. I have actually been able to connect to more people personally with this as you said in the video.
Now I’m addicted to that as well as SU-thanks guys!

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