Why use StumbleUpon.com?

I admit, I’m pretty new to StumbleUpon.com but just today I saw one of the reasons it’s recommended as a great Social Network and SMO tool.

We have a new Door County Wisconsin blog that we just stared about a month ago. My wife, who loves to write, has been in charge of the content. She wrote a really good article on Saturday about how to make reviews on DoorCountyReviews.com so today I went to the article and added it to my StumbleUpon account. About 30 minutes later we had over 60 page views on the blog. I know, that’s really nothing, but to go from 0 page views to 60 in a few minutes is rewarding to me, especially when part of our business plan is to work with local businesses who will care about traffic (or should).

So, point is, if you haven’t signed up for StumbleUpon.com yet, I recommend it. It’s a great way to promote you’re own stuff and share it with a huge community, which in turn could turn in to traffic, which in turn could turn in to sales.

So much to do with an eCommerce business, isn’t there? Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur.

UPDATE: I did the same thing with a few of my articles from MollerMarketing and have had over 100 visitors today from StumbleUpon.com!

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6 Replies to “Why use StumbleUpon.com?”

  1. Nate, I bet you are surprised to hear from me. I can’t wait to get my website up so I can learn about StumbleUpon and all the things you guys
    talk about.

  2. I just started using StumbleUpon and so far I like it. It’s easy to navigate, has many useful features, and there are thousands of people I can share my message with. In fact, sharing my web site message with real people helps me focus on how to deliver that message in plain English, so it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. When you say you posted your article on your account, how exactly did you do that? I’m a little confused about the best way to post messages in order to draw traffic to my web site, my blog site, my articles and press releases. Any suggestions?

  3. Like Don B, I am still working on my new web site. Before taking this course I never knew there were so many options open to marketing an eCommerce business. Once I finish loading content and more product then enable my shopping cart I plan to test as many as possible.

  4. I just started learning about blogs and it is truly fascinating. The possibilities for marketing are absolutely phenominal. I’m still trying to get my new website going, but I certainly will be using stumbleupon as well as some of the others! Thanks for the input Nate!