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ShoeMoney Shares How to Make $1000 in 1 Day

This video is a sister to one that ShoeMoney did about 2 years ago on making quick money online.

So, how’d it go?

Are you as pumped as I am about monetizing my Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts with the click of my finger?

Can you believe YOU didn’t think of this?


You didn’t get it?

Audio problems?

Try listening again, it seems to be working for me…

The truth is – there is rarely such a thing as a “get rich quick” online marketing opportunity. Like anything worthwhile, it TAKES WORK!

Yep, that’s right – WORK!

Yes, there are some pretty quick ways to make money online; but even then, you have to actually do stuff to make it all happen.

So, get off your butt, write out your performance goals, and GO TO WORK!

Thanks to Jeremy Schoemaker for bringing us back to reality!

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Blogging for Beginners: Tips for Better Blogging

Are you a beginning blogger?

Is blogging something you’ve heard about but never really tried?

I created this blog post on the fly today while doing a webinar – Blogging 101 – for Prosper, Inc.  I thought I’d share some of the ideas with readers so they get a better idea about why blogging is important.

How to Make a Better Blog Post

Step 1: Create a title – use keyword phrases that we want to be found for in Google

Step 2: Add content that relates to your industry.

Step 3: Use Bullets

  • Bullets help readers skim through information
  • Bullets are easy to follow

Step 4: Use Numbered Lists

Why Use Numbered Lists?

  1. Step by step guide
  2. Easy to follow
  3. Organize and simplify
  4. Draw attention
  5. Summarize key points

Step 5: Use Header Tags to Separate Main points

Why Blogs are Important

Step 6: Use Pictures in all Blog Posts

guy-kawasakiI can type information here.

This is me and Guy Kawasaki at Blog World 2008 in Las Vegas.

By aligning the picture correctly, you can have content wrap around the picture.  I recommend editing the picture, going to the Advanced Settings of the picture and giving it a 5 or 7 on the Horizontal Space box.  This will give the picture a bit of “space”.

Pictures are a big key to give your blog personality, increase readership, and not BORE readers.

What do you think of pictures?

Step 7: Add Video from time to time that’s related to your industry…

Step 8: Make keyword phrases as links back to your home page or a sub-page of my site or of a referring site (deep linking)

I love clogging shoes.  My shoes have taken me all over the world. – Nate M.

Step 9: Use Bold text to make things stand out

Step 10: You can link to images too:


Step 11: Ask questions, encourage comments, get interaction!

Here are a few additional posts about blogging:

How have these tips helped you in your blogging strategy?

What tips did I leave off?

UPDATE! Step 12: BE PERSONABLE! Thanks to Mat’s comment below, this is KEY!  In an interview I did with Shoemoney at BlogWorld 2008, this is what he suggested too.  Even if you run a Fortune 500 blog, you need to be personable.  Who, in their heart of hearts, is going to want to come read a blog that is full of press releases, industry news (boring sometimes), and statistics?  Not me!

Thanks, Mat, for the additional tip!