The Start-Up Business Video You Have to See

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Have you ever thought about starting an online business?

What held you back?

Was it money? time? lack of experience?

Or were you just afraid someone might already be doing the killer idea you’ve had in your head for some time or that the market was “over saturated”?

Well, step up, do something, and watch this video to inspire you to continue doing what you’ve always done…

So here’s my new challenge:

Every time I talk to a prospect on the phone who has a “break-through” idea, something we’ve “never even HEARD of before”, the “next Facebook for ______ industry” – or whatever – I commit 110% to sending them a link to THIS VIDEO!

How do you think they will react? Think I’ll “close the deal”? 🙂

Have you ever caught yourself saying any of this?

This post was all in fun. If you want realistic help in starting an online business that will succeed, contact Moller Marketing today for a free consultation.

The Power of Infographics for SEO & Social Media

What’s an “Infographic”?

Why do companies even use them?

What help are they, especially for SEO and Social Media purposes?

We get these questions quite a bit and decided today is the day to answer some of them.

What’s an Infographic?

According to a Quora answer,

“…An infographic can be described as a collection of images, charts, visualizations, and text that illustrate an idea or position.  I generally like to think of infographics as more of a combination of other forms of data visualization than a separate form itself.”

Why do companies even use them?

This is a good question and can be summarized with 10 simple reasons:

  1. Infographics make information more appealing.
  2. Infographics show valuable ideas.
  3. Infographics are attention grabbing.
  4. Infographics are easier to understand.
  5. Infographics lessen boredom.
  6. Infographics awakens one’s interest in a topic.
  7. Infographics are easily accessible.
  8. Infographics can be more persuasive.
  9. Infographics are memorable.
  10. Infographics can easily relay information.

 What help are they, especially for SEO and Social Media purposes?

Look at this image one more time:


150, 91, 158, and 1,053. Those are the number of back-links for this infographic (not all are followable links but “word of mouth” can work wonders via social networks…).

Not only are we able to track with pretty good accuracy how many links an individual infographic is getting, but we’ve been able to see direct results in SEO placement for specific targeted phrases based on infographic campaigns.

Show me an example

Infographics can come in all shapes, sizes, and topics. They can be really informative, funny, or just plain informational. Here’s an example of a recent infographic, including some of the share numbers it got in just a short time:

RedneckFootball Infographic: What Rednecks and Football Have in Common

If you like this infographic and would like to share it with others, simply copy and paste the code below on to your website and party on:

redneck football for home inspectors