Customer Engagement & Retention

What Problems Can We Solve?

solve-problemsThe purpose of a good business idea is ultimately to solve a problem.

People don’t buy a hammer, they buy a solution that will help them hang the picture of their family on the wall – the hammer just helps in that process.

In Bootcamp, we’ve talked about main problems we’re solving as web professionals:

  1. Client is frustrated with their current website
  2. Client doesn’t know where to start with online marketing
  3. Client wants to get more customers

As I think about these problems and their possible solutions, I want to make a list of the things our team can offer to help solve these core problems.

This list is things we know how to do right now, not things we think we could figure out at some point.

How can we help clients solve their online marketing problems?

  • How to track the number of visitors that are coming to my website
  • How to know how long visitors are staying on my website
  • How to know what path a visitor is taking when they come to my website
  • How to track the most popular pages that are visited on my website
  • How to update their current website
  • How to back up their current website
  • How to collect names and emails for lead generation on their website
  • How to set up an email auto-responder to email all their contacts
  • How to create a better online experience for their current visitors to their website
  • How to teach them how to use their website via training
  • How to make their website pages link together with anchor text
  • How to add images to their website
  • How to add video to their website

I want to make this an ongoing practice of thinking about how I can solve clients’, and potential clients’, online marketing problems.

What problems are you looking to solve with your online business?