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General Overview of Internet Marketing Strategies

I’ve recently been sending some of this information to clients to give them a checklist of things to be working on in the ongoing future. I’d love to hear feed back about how you use these ideas, what’s working best for your internet businesses, and what things I should add (or take away) to make it more effecient. These ideas are listed in no particular order:

  • Onsite Optimization:
    • continued and ongoing keyword research
    • adjusting meta tags for all pages based on keyword research
    • adding and revising content and internal linking (deep linking)
    • page layout and functionality (test, test, test until you find things that work for you)
    • promotions, specials, call to action campaigns
    • customizing every page for search engines: meta tag titles and descriptions that represent what the page is actually about and tie in with the content, using keyword repetition, using pictures and content as links, alternative text for pictures
  • Offsite Optimization:
    • submitting to directories (free and paid)
    • writing articles and publishing them at article directories
    • revising articles and publishing them on your blog and website – make links within the content pointing to your website
    • blogging consistently
    • social media optimization (delicious, digg, and stumbleupon are some of my favorites)
    • creating new social bookmarking profiles with your domain name or a keyword phrase as the user name
    • writing press releases and submitting them to the directories or industry exclusive sites
    • using press releases and articles on your site too (avoid duplicate content)
    • social networking tools (facebook, twitter and mybloglog are some I use)
    • business joint ventures – continuing to think about and act on this options within your industry
    • SALES – always asking the question “What can I do to make a sale TODAY?”

I’m sure there’s more I’m leaving out. Come back for updates.The key to all this is consistent implimentation. It’s one thing to know about these things; it’s another to actually practice them in an effective way. Remember, the best way to learn how to do something is to JUST DO IT!

Questions, comments and feedback are welcome…

If you need additional internet marketing services, let me know.

Website How To's

Why I Love Facebook for Marketing Online

I’m using more and more these days. One of my facebook friends, Lee Oden, owner of the Online Marketing Blog, has been doing research on how online marketers use facebook. Here’s what I think:

I use facebook alot to connect cloggers together. Clogging is a form of dance similar to tap dance. I’ve set up a group called the ClogOn Community. Not only do I invite all cloggers I find in Facebook because of the “interest” search option, but I also invite all my current clients from my clogging shoes website to join Facebook so we can all keep in touch and get to know one another. What I’ve found is that clients that can put a name with a face are often times much more prone to develop loyalty to a particular business.

Sales increase because, as I get to know my clients and put names with faces, trust is built. I’ve recently set up a deal with another client for a highlight video of their team.

I use facebook for the following websites:

In summary, the Groups have worked the best for me – tying all my target audiences in to groups or finding already existing groups to become a part of.

How do you all use Facebook?