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Gary V on Why Press Releases Suck!

Die-Press-ReleaseHow much time and money are you spending on press releases?

Are you getting any ROI?

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about why story telling, not press releases, is the better way to market in today’s “social marketing” economy:

What are your thoughts on Press Releases?

Are they still worth the time and money it takes to create them?

Personally, for my dance bags website, I’ve NEVER written nor will I ever write a press release – I’d rather be Blogging!

Digital Presence & Marketing Strategy

How Many People Really Know the Internet

Special thanks to Seth Godin and the Google Team for a great article on how to make internal sales to your boss – Make a video!

This is AWESOME on a couple different levels!

Keep it Simple!

First, the internet is still new to MANY people. Internet “junkies” that hack away all day often forget that most people don’t know the lingo that we all talk about. How many times have you heard someone say “Fox Fire…” LOL This is one of the reasons I’m so glad I started in the world of online marketing as a “normal person” that wanted to learn about the internet. Not only did this help me “keep it simple” when talking to others about what I do, but it also helped me see things better from the eyes of those that don’t know Copy from Paste.

Video is Simple & Direct

Second, people need the expertise of someone that has been there and done that. I love how Seth Godin and Google use this video as a way to teach people in ANY industry how to reach their audience. For Google, EVERYONE is their audience; they are showing, via this video, that people need to be educated and made aware of what a Browser is before they’ll even be ready to test Google Chrome.

I think this video also teaches us all about the power of video marketing. Gary Vaynerchuk has mastered Vlogging (video blogging) with his Wine Library videos. ESPN does a great job on their website by posting video highlights of the New York Yankees all over the place.

So, the question for each of you:

How are YOU using VIDEO on your website or blog?

Look forward to your answers!