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Gary V on Why Press Releases Suck!

Die-Press-ReleaseHow much time and money are you spending on press releases?

Are you getting any ROI?

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about why story telling, not press releases, is the better way to market in today’s “social marketing” economy:

What are your thoughts on Press Releases?

Are they still worth the time and money it takes to create them?

Personally, for my dance bags website, I’ve NEVER written nor will I ever write a press release – I’d rather be Blogging!

7 replies on “Gary V on Why Press Releases Suck!”

I completely disagree with Gary (but he’s a great brand marketer). You can tell great stories but if no one knows them, then it’s not going to matter. A press release is still a good way to get exposure so you can tell your story.

Press releases are good for SEO.
They are good for getting in the media (not the only method)
I’ve seen a brand new company go from press release to investors with a press release that got picked up by a blog.

You should do online press releases. Combine press releases with SEO and social media then you can make your own PR campaigns. You’ll be found in search engines and your story will live on for years.

SEO Press release blog post

This is my favorite post:

and here’s my new online pr blog where I have more about this.

And of course my book which will be coming this fall….geared towards the newbie.

Nate, you need to write a press release – I can’t believe you’re my friend and wrote that you NEVER will. The challenge has been issued.


Press releases are like books, they come in different forms. I’ve seen them change immensely in use over the last few years from an informational tool to a marketing tool.

I really think it depends on what your end goal is and what works in your individual situation. Sports teams still regularly use press releases. Publicly traded companies have to use them by law or at least show that they are making an effort to publicly distribute material facts. In both cases, ROI doesn’t matter a lick.

I think guys like Gary make a nice point, but they are very myopic about it (possibly on purpose to get a rise out of people).

I guess it depends on the media you are using for press releases. I would take advantage of both. However I am 100% on board with Gary about using/creating a story.

A good story adds so much value and builds a connection with the audience, like building a relationship.

Stories can stir the imagination and stimulate the senses. Better retention and interest. That’s my 2 cents.

You can feel Garys excitement, he’s intense. A good video story.

I enjoyed the impact of his statement and his passion, however also think if you want to reach out in certain industries, you would have to remain active and continue to have press release. Stories written about our business have always brought in more interest and made more aware that we existed in the area. Any exposure is good and that is what is all boils down to isn’t and coverage in any and all media to get the best bang for your buck. Again this is my personal viewpoint. It is a great video.

I can’t say that I agree, as far as I understand it Press Release are like news items or stories. Which when used with websites like Ezine articles can show up in the search engines much quicker than you’re regular blog post, which in turn can increase your exposure.

Press Releases aren’t dead and I think they’ll continue to grow.

I am on board with Janet, It is all about testing and trying different angles. There are some great books on the marketing from an Author named David Meerman Scott on the New Rules of PR., World Wide Rave, and New Rules of Viral Marketing.

He discussed how Press Releases are moving web 2.0. and allowing you to tell more of a story. They are moving away form the old school format. In addition when building a local business and or off line business

Press Releases are very sticky. In addition news is searched over 2 times more then the next topic according to Technorati’s “State of the Blogoshere” for 2008. 191k to 74k verses entertainment (the number 2 category searched) per month.

As for Credibility and Trust, well what can I say Ain’t nobody reading the “ad papers” anymore.

Gary is brilliant and has been able to polished and refined his model for years and works very well, I am sure “Video Press Releases” are on the horizon, just check out the (jk) For more information on restaurant marketing

Anyways somethings to consider,

Great job on creating interest Nate!

Press releases don’t tell stories–people do. Highly targeted pitches that go to influential journalists always make for a better story. It’s not either/or, but how these tactics blend to creat real WOM power/momentum

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