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How Do You Break Your Fears

If you’re just starting your new online business, welcome to the world of late nights and hard work!

Yes, there are such things as “Turn Key” and “Get Rich Quick” opportunities; in fact, if you’d like to be part of a great business opportunity, call me today (just kiddin’ – I love getting emails like that from old high school “friends” or even better, an old neighbor that talked to me maybe one time and now, all of a sudden, “…we should get together.”)

Sorry, got off on a bit of tangent there. So my clients know, I don’t do MLM or Network Marketing – just not my thing.

Anyway, one of the things you may have realized by now is that starting something new can be a bit scary.

  • What if you FAIL?
  • What if no one buys what you’re offering?
  • What if you just can’t do this?

What is failure really?

Tony Robbins said this about failure:

I’ve come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.

Amen! Without failure how will you even know what success is? How many times did you fail to walk as a child before you actually figured it out? Did you give up or quit then?

To me, fear of failure can do one of two things for a person:

  1. Motivate to take action and do something different. As the quote says, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.”
  2. Hold a person back from changing their life, their income, or whatever.

Here’s an example of how I helped my 4 year old overcome his fear of getting his hair cut in addition to me practicing with iMovie on my Mac (you don’t have to watch the whole thing, just the first part):

(Audio works now thanks to @codykeith)

What can we learn from this?

  1. To overcome fears, JUST DO IT! I’ve been hesitant to use movie at my dance bag website, mostly because I’ve never really uploaded or edited film much. As you can see by this amateur video, I’m breaking my fears and actually liking it!
  2. Failure can be a big step towards HUGE success! Since this experience, my little boy has had no problem letting me cut his hair. It’s the same with running an online business – once you get one started, other ideas start coming too and there are no limits (just stay focused for a bit before you overwhelm yourself with so much that you get nothing accomplished.)
  3. Set specific goals to break a fear every day! This is a fun challenge that I would love to hear feedback on. What’s a fear you recently broke and how did it help you see results shortly after?

I’m excited to hear about how you break your fears and the positive results that come from getting over the Fear of Failure as you start an online business.

7 replies on “How Do You Break Your Fears”

Hey Nate, Great stuff about overcoming fears. It’s so true that our actions can often create some type of failure, or just open our eyes to something that we shouldn’t do again. In fact, it;’s usually best to know what you don’t want for an outcome, so that you can focus on what you do want to happen. This seeming failure can then lead us to the right way of doing whatever it is we are trying to accomplish. Too often, people wait until they have everything perfect before they pull the trigger on a certain action. This only delays the inevitable failures that will surely come in order to reveal the potential solutions.

Oh, and you really should look into Network Marketing. it’s going to be a major force in the economy that has left millions unemployed. Everyone can start a network marketing business today with little or no investment. It is the backbone of our online health food store business, which is doing quite well in a tough economy. We get drop shipping from one supplier and have excellent products to offer that aren’t sold in stores. Robert Allen says that Network Marketing is the best way to create millions. Of course, there are bad network marketing companies and good ones. Make sure they have solid products to offer, otherwise you’re just signing people up to make money without giving them anything in return. The best network marketing companies have good products that people like to talk about with their friends. It’s just using word of mouth to advertise, instead of paying millions for celebrity endorsements or Madison Avenue ad executives to create hype. This way, the real workers make the money. Network Marketing is truly the American way.

Thanks for the great response Cliff! I do agree that Network Marketing has a great place for many people. It’s so hard to determine what a “good product” is though since most of them have a very similar “pitch” – break through, state of the art, etc.

I’m glad to hear from you and am excited about the progress you’ve made with your business. I would love a detailed update of what you’re up to.

Talk soon!

This is just want I needed to hear today. I have read so much and am so confused that I don’t know if it is right for me. But you have given me motivation again. I will keep you posted
Thanks again
Susie S.

I love that video example Nate! Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Every time I get stuck in fear, it’s because I have projected a negative outcome onto a future event – which of course, is unrealistic because I am not a fortune teller.

One of the biggest factors for me has been in learning to listen to where the conversation is taking place while I am making life choices. If the decisions I make in that process are based on the intuitive within, it always, ALWAYS, leads me either directly or indirectly to the next great place in life.

If they’re made based on my having thought something to death, or from negative beliefs that others have thrown at be over the years due to THEIR beliefs (which are not MY beliefs), it always, ALWAYS leads to pain and disappointment.

It’s a tricky concept because there are times when I am wanting to achieve a goal that first require me to grow in some area of my life. That quite often involves me having to leave my comfort zone, or having to face something that is unpleasant in the extreme.

Yet when those things come up, I’ve been taught to remember “this too shall pass”, and “the greatest triumph often comes through the greatest adversity”.

Just my experience anyhow.

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