Strategic Business Networking’s Darren Rowse on How to Use Social Media

Darren Rowse from has to be one of my favorite bloggers and social media marketers. Not only does he do what he loves, but he is so willing to share his knowledge about social media with the blogging and online marketing communities.

In this video, Darren talks about how he uses Social Media marketing to connect & promote his blogs.

3 Main Points to Apply

  1. Build a Home Base: I get the question a lot about whether it’s good to start with just one site and then grow later or start a TON of sites from the get go and mass market all of them. Personally, I feel this point answers that question pretty directly. You have to start with a firm foundation.  As Darren explains in the video, you need to work on something you have complete control over. is a place where he adds useful content, builds community, brand and profile. Around the home base he interacts in a variety of other social media spaces. I guess the bigger question is – How good can you be at mastering multiple home bases at one time? If you’re new to the whole online marketing space, I definitely recommend FOCUSING on ONE INITIALLY!
  2. Build Outposts to Re-inforce the Home Base: Darren makes a great point here: the activities that are done on the outposts are to re-inforce the home base. The danger Darren has seen recently is people investing lots of time on the out posts and not really focusing on the home base. Places where this can get easy to do include Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon so beware.  As you get involved in Social Media, just remember to set specific goals about WHY you are using the different networks and then monitor your time.
  3. Learn from and interact with other Home Bases: I love this point the most! It’s all about getting to know your industry and the people in it – yet another reason to start an online business in an industry you love! One of the best ways to get to know your industry is to
    A) identify the target audience for your Home Base
    B) find other sites and forums that share that audience
    C) spend time on these people’s sites
    This strategy is not about taking information from your competitors and then using it on your own site. It’s about connecting with people who could potentially become great allies, together helping one another grow. Some of the things Darren recommends doing are guest posting on these sites & building links, while at the same time getting to know the community. Build business relationships with the owners of these different sites – get out there, engage, and interact!

Commenters – share with the Moller Marketing reader:

1. What is your home base?

2. What top 5 outposts you are using?

3. What are 3 other home bases you’re working with?

Here are mine:

  1. Home Base 1:
    Home Base 1a:
  2. Top 5 Outposts 1: Twitter, Stumbleupon, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook
    Top 5 Outposts 1a: Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Forums
  3. 3 Other Home Bases I work With 1 (haven’t done this much with MM): Prosper, TwiTip, Dream Systems Media
    3 Other Home Bases I work with 1a:  Facebook Groups, Forum, Specific Clogging Studio Websites

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Thank you for this great post. I really enjoyed listening to Darren explain the importance of your home base development and why it is also important to develop your outposts as well. Building strong relationships is vital in the marketplace today.

Here are my answers to your questions:
1. Home Base

2. Top 5 Outposts Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Digg, MySpace

3. Other home bases Stumbleupon, google groups, forums

Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

Terri Bork

Thanks for the comment Terri! (and the RT too on Twitter!)

One thing I’d recommend is digging deeper on the “Other Home Bases”. I consider the “other home bases” as websites, not necessarily other social networks.

It’s important to connect with people in a variety of ways – I recommend using the social networks to connect with the people and then use the people to help you connect more closely with “other home bases”.

Hope this makes sense!

Let your friends know about!

This was a very good visualization of principles that you’ve articulated personally to me in various forums and formats. I found his visuals very good. They were the type that I use when I want to meditate on a concept and probe various possibilities that I find in a good idea. Thanks for posting, Nate.

Hey Dan!

Thanks for the comment. Video is a great way to actually “SEE” what I’ve been talking to you about. I appreciate Darren for sharing the video on YouTube so I could pass it on to clients like you.

Keep me posted on your progress!


Hi am a newbie here and I don’t get many of the points here but I am really eager to know. What is home base, outpost etc.., Can you pls explain them in short so that I can get the essence of this post?

Excellent points. With so many different people, sites and technologies tugging at me for my time it can be very easy to get defocused.

I think a lot of this comes back to having clear goals and the strategy and tactics that support your goals. Social media can be fun and interesting but it can also be a huge timesink with limited ROI if you aren’t careful.

Thanks for your pointers and for making me aware of Darren’s video. Go Yanks!! Time for another Series in the Bronx.

Some of the best results I’ve seen in link building have been because of guest posts or connections I have with others in my industries. The key is to FIND THEM and make the partnership great for everyone!

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