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5 Easy Tips to Market Online for Free

How much are you paying to get traffic to your website?

Is buying an advertising list for your website still in style?

What free (or really cheap) advertising techniques have you tried in the last few weeks to make more money online?

In the world of online marketing, I feel “marketing” is the most important part of an online business. If you’re not asking yourself the golden sales question of “What have I done today to make a sale?” you probably won’t be in business very long online.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar company where you get customers walking in off the street, nearly everyone who finds your website has to be directed there in some way, whether from your search engine ranking, pay-per-click advertising, a banner ad, or word of mouth marketing.

Here’s a list of a few oft-neglected ways to promote your online business in a Free Sort of Way!

1. Free Online Classifieds

There are a ton of online classified ads where you can advertise your business, products and services for free.

Craigslist is one of the biggest and most widespread.

2. Newspapers Need News!

Have you ever even considered this option?

WEB801 Challenge: Call your local newspaper and ask if they would like to do a business or human interest piece on your online business.

If you are running some kind of charitable event or interesting promotion, they will be more likely to find you newsworthy.

3. Got Swag?

Your business may operate online, but you can advertise in the real world.

Consider putting a sign in your car window or handing out t-shirts advertising your website address. Granted, this may not be completely FREE, but I use strategy like this by having a license plate with WEB801 on it!

A free t-shirt to thank clients for their business can go a LONG way in building a business relationship.

4. Business Cross Promotions

Find a non-competing complimentary business and ask if they would like to trade links or create a joint venture.

For instance, if you are running an online dropshipper website, exchange links with manufactures who are looking to grow their sales force via dropshipping.  If you are operating a kitchenware business, find someone who sells home decor or wall murals.

5.The Power of Word of Mouth Coupons

Starbucks once ran a campaign where they offered a free iced cappuccino to employees and their family members.

They had to shut the offer down when the emailed coupons spread like wildfire all over the country.

Try sending a coupon or special offer to friends and family, use your Facebook group or Fan page to do a special promotion; and ask these contacts to pass the word along to everyone they know.  You’ll be amazed how wide your network can spread, and how much traffic this could bring to your business if the offer is desirable or interesting enough.

How do you plan to use these Free & Easy marketing techniques to grow your online business in 2010 2024?

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