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Does Your Family Do This?

Not sure what I can say about this, except that it was all in good Moller family fun!

No, my kids are not weird; no, this isn’t how it is in Utah :); and no, my wife and I don’t teach our kids to do this; but, it is pretty funny!

So, how can you relate this picture to starting an online business?

  1. What you see isn’t always what you get? This picture didn’t happen accidentally – it took our photographer quite a few M&Ms to coerce my little boy to actually do this (thank goodness). Nor will starting an online business just happen overnight by coincidence.  It may look really simple – a turn key, get-rich-quick!  However, it’s takes time, effort and lots of energy to create a profitable business, both on and offline.
  2. You have to have a niche and be passionate about it. Imitating what someone else is doing may “look” ok, but once you hit a few road blocks, the “rookies” that aren’t passionate about what they are doing will give up and quit!
  3. Success breeds Success! 🙂 If you really love what you’re doing (as my wife and I do), others will follow.  The more you associate with the right people who are positive and successful, the better chance you have to succeed with your endeavor.  This is one of the main reasons I still work at Prosper Learning- it’s an entrepreneur’s dream job where we all get to help others while at the same time learning from one another and networking.

I look forward to some creative comments about how this picture relates to starting an online business!

9 replies on “Does Your Family Do This?”

I’m not sure how else this photo relates to online business, but it looks like your little girl is getting attacked! Cute picture though, nice work by the photographer!

I think this picture is trying to portrait that determination really works it also portrait that what is seen is more powerful than what is heard.It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is important that what you depict in a picture is what you want to portrait in people’s mind.

Yes, I agreed 100%.That is why I am determined and persistent with my website. I like your responses; you will be hearing from me for your other topics. bye

Those are two of the cutest and best reasons to make your business a success. Once you are on your way to that success you can afford a little family counseling if the behavior continues. What darling babies you have.

It’s all about WHY we are doing what we are doing – right 🙂

If we have a strong WHY behind our business, the money and success will come. If we are just in it to “get-rich-quick” and be lazy, we’ll be chasing the latest dream our whole life.

Luckily, my kids were kissing like that because the photographer told them too 🙂 Their “why” was justified!

Thanks for the comment Brooke!

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