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Exclusive Interview – Muhammad Saleem the Social Media Maven

Muhammad SaleemMuhammad Saleem, the Social Media Maven, tells listeners tips on using social media effectively. (Follow Muhammad on Twitter)

Special thanks to Muhammad Saleem for his input and time to tell us all about basic Social Media tips.

5 Basic Social Media Steps anyone can use:

  1. Building Relationships
  2. Being a part of a community
  3. Understanding the dynamics of different communities
  4. Sharing the right kind of content
  5. Voting and commenting on other peoples content

Social Media Manual: 10 Steps to take to become the Next Social Media Maven

Why Do you love Social Media?

The community aspects: you become a part of the whole process of submitting, voting, commenting, engaging and being a part of the process of opinion on things you’re interested in or passionate about.
3 Tips for Beginning to Intermediate Social Media Marketers

  • Understand the community before you start participating: what the age demographic is, what stories are popular, avoid mistakes
  • Build relationships with other visitors: talk to people, IM, comment on their stories, bookmark their stuff
  • Make sure your main goal is to not just promote yourself: create value for the community by submitting other peoples stuff, vote and comment on other peoples stuff, be part of the community, share content from other people to create value that doesn’t come directly back to you – it’s more than just scratching one another’s back – it’s bigger than that

How does effective SMO influence a website’s presence?

  • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic: 10s of Thousands of Unique vistors, thousands of page views on a post
  • Building links: hundreds to thousands of links – the more links you have, the higher you get ranked in search, which makes long-term organic traffic from search engines.

“Too many people that are Expecting Value without Creating Value.”

Thanks again for your information Muhammad. Stay tuned for more podcasting at

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