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Gary Vaynerchuk at Blog World Expo 2008

Gary Vaynerchuk was one of the highlights at #bwe08! What a passionate, high-energy work horse. One of my favorite quotes from the event:

If you want to build a business you have to work your face off…

Other great tips:

  • America is a branded society: New Kids on the Block are back, 90210 is still popular, it’s so important to BUILD BRAND EQUITY)
  • Do you love what you do for a living?: If you love what you do then you’re already dramatically ahead of the game.
  • Everything is about Community!: You have to get to know the people. C = Community – you have to spend a minimum of 2-3 hours per day socializing on blogs, forums, websites that relate to your industry. Don’t spam! Answer every single email and respond to every single comment on your blog…for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! This helps you build name recognition in your industry – it’s a HUGE opportunity. You have to know what you’re talking about – “content is only king” if you know what you’re talking about! You’ve got to bring eyeballs to you. You want personal relationships. The connection is the factor!
  • Hustle!: You have to go out and FIND THE MONEY!
  • This guy emulates the power of persistence, passion and hard work!

    Here’s a video clip of what he shared (beware of language 🙂 – about 60 minutes of great stuff)

    Gary Vaynerchuk Blog World Expo Keynote Speech from David Peralty.

    4 replies on “Gary Vaynerchuk at Blog World Expo 2008”

    Hey Nate,

    Great talk by Gary. Good thing I beat you in posting it first! LOL. It’s good stuff so the more exposure for it the better!

    I know dude, if you had a visible track back I would have linked to you.

    Here’s where I found the video of Gary V at BlogWorldExpo 2008.

    Glad we were sitting there together laughing at his “explicit lyrics”!

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