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How to Make eCommerce Pages SEO Friendly

This is a great video by SEOMoz about making eCommerce Pages SEO friendly and linkable.

Rand talks about how to make product pages unique, linkable, and search engine friendly. Even if you sell the same products that hundreds of other people sell online, you can be unique enough to dominate SERPs.

Key Takeaways from the ECommerce SEO Video

  1. Use keyword rich phrases as the title of products
  2. Show multiple images of products that YOU take
  3. Write creative descriptions of the products (not duplicate content from the manufacturer)
  4. Display cool statistics that people can source or write about on their own sites
  5. Run side by side comparisons of other products – the pro’s and con’s, benefits, etc.
  6. Allow user generated feedback: comments, rankings, thumbs up/down, reviews

How do you optimize individual product pages for search engines?

5 replies on “How to Make eCommerce Pages SEO Friendly”

This is an awesome video! Very informative. These are great tips that aren’t just specific to eCommerce websites.

Thanks for sharing Nate!

This was a great video. It really got me thinking about how I might improve areas of my website, and add areas that aren’t there to make it more interesting.

Wow…. such a wonderful information about the e-commerce.. it’s a nice info.. thanks for sharing the information. The tips helps me to gain good search engine friendly of my eCommerce site.

– Martin

Great old school Whiteboard Friday! Video quality poor, content quality… still great! For readers who stumble across this in 2012 I might add Schemas, microformats and rich snippets. With user experience and accessibility of information (for both user and search engine) becoming an ever-increasing ranking factor, these are also on-site SEO must haves for ecommerce.

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