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Michelle Sorro: The Apprentice Quitter…

I watched the end of the Apprentice Los Angeles tonight and found it quite amuzing: the teams were being critiqued on a project they did for a bus tour ordeal or something. As the truth came out, Michelle Sorro, who was the Project Manager for the losing team, began to try to cover herself by saying things like “Well, this program wasn’t really what I expected…” and “My inner spirit just isn’t able to perform at it’s best in these conditions…” (quotes are made up but this was the general feel of her argument).

As I listened to the weak reasoning she gave for her failure, it helped me realize that there are going to be excuse makers and quitters everywhere! Some succeed and reach their full potential; others don’t. Why? Why? Why?

I really believed what Donald Trump said – No matter what business you go in to there will be trials and things that pull you out of your comfort zone; however, quitters will never see the success they are truly capable of because they throw in the towel and give up. He went on to point out that he’d much rather watch a boxer go out and fight to the finish, even get knocked out, before seeing him quit or give up early.

How true this is in small business management and eCommerce. The main difference between those that are extremely successful and those that don’t achieve what “they expected…” is one word: PERSISTENCE! When times get tough, when they don’t see immediate results overnight, do they get frustrated and sulk, or do they dig in and use the tools they’ve been given? When they see a little success, do they sit back and relax or do they focus hard and try to capitalize even more on the small success, which will lead to bigger success?

“The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.” – Napolean Hill

Bottom line – it’s too bad that Michelle Sorro will have to live with the label of a “quitter” (even though she makes about $50 million a year in real estate 🙂 )

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While Michelle did deserve to be fired, this seasons show has turned into a rating grab version of Survivor. The actual task strategy is gone and it’s all about personalities. She knew she was gone and took control of her exit rather than being belittled by Trump, even more. Quiter? Donald is on his third marriage, what does that make him? Marriage vs Job Interview, what is more important in the grand scheme of things?

What a dishonorable notation to have in your life: quit the Apprentice because she didn’t know it would be “like this”.

Well obviously Michelle didn’t even know her own territory; she’s from L.A.!!! I thought she would know what to look for and how to get it but she sounds like a one-trick pony to me. Then to see her indecisiveness about what kind of tour to go with to sell to the crowd??? Puh-leeeze!!! She deserved to go and her appearance on the show was just a wasted space that somebody else deserving couldn’t have. See ya, Loser Michelle!!!

Les, Marriage is a partnership, while the Apprentice interview is a competition.

What was your logic when you compair these two?

While I don’t agree with Michelle quitting just prior to her going to the boardroom, everyone should recognize that an interview is ultimately a mutual process between interviewer and interviewee. The employee should be interviewing the company as much as the company interviews the employee to determine mutual fit. If Michelle determined that this process wasn’t for her, so be it. Mr. Trump should respect this and allow her a graceful exit – there are others to choose from who are willing to do what he puts them through for the role of apprentice. While I respect the show, this is NOT real life. I’ve never had to prove myself by sleeping in a tent for a job. It makes me (and Michelle and anyone else going through an interview!) neither a loser or a quitter!

I agree that it was Michelle’s right to quit if the job was not to her liking. Any employee in any corporation can do that. I hate to camp. I don’t watch Survivor. I’m with Michelle on this. Would Trump ever in a million years allow his kids to learn these life lessons? Nope. So…for me…I don’t fault her.

I did wonder however, since it was her turf why she faltered so badly. The only thing I can think of is that she knew the team hated her and she knew it wouldn’t matter. I’m also thinking she did not want to associate with these babies any longer and whiny Nicole. With the exception of Stefani, the boys are all immature and really do not act like professionals. I don’t think any of them on Arrow will win.

Personally, if I was stuck with these guys in a tent…I’d bail too.

So…best of luck to Michelle. I believe she has more integrity than anyone on her team, with the possible exception of Steffani. I don’t like Nicole either. She’s like the pot calling the kettle black. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw.

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At first, I too thought Michelle just gave up and was a quitter, but the reality of this is, if she had ever seen the show (or any reality TV show) she should have had a clue on what she was in for.

Now also keep in mind there’s a hell of a lot of creative editing that goes in to these shows for dramatic effect. So we really do not know what exactly had happened simply for the fact that if anyone actually were to watch the unedited footage, we would all lose intrest in the show so fast, it would make us sick.

Wow, I’m surprised that any of the apprentice candidates can be successful in any business. It’s amazing that when you get these people together, not one of them can actually function on any capacity. They can’t even handle camping out in the back yard!! As far as Michelle quiting, she ultimately has to live with her decision…why did she choose to be project manager in the first place?? She hesitated to take the position and only did so after The Donald pressured her. Oh well, it’s still my favorite show and I will continue to watch in amazement!!

Michelle had every right to quit. She knew that the BS of this show wasn’t right for her.

I’m so sick of Trump-like people thinking that their wealth and status usurps a person’s inner strength.

Michelle – I am SO PROUD OF YOU. You are already well-established.

Be Proud to wear the Label “I Quit Trump”

It seems like Donald is trying to make a high fashioned version of like Big brother. The winning Project Manager can be likened to “HOH” and get the master Bedroom i.e. the Mansion, While the others live like bums. This is supposed to be a job interview, not a course in Pavlov or B.F. Skinner behavior modification and negative reinforcement. I think the whole idea of tents and “who will go to tent city” is just plain retarded. He no longer enlists the help of his original consultants, he fired the Carolyn blonde lady, and the old guy, who knows? (retired, died,fired) we don’t know. He doesn’t even use Bill Rancic who as an observer had that “been there, done that” aura as the first winner;He held the awe and respect of the candidates. Now, we have Ivanka, who is good “Eye candy” for the show, and Don Jr, who well, is not eye candy. Other than being offspring of the Big D, tell me what qualifications they have. Just wait, next week, we’ll have the special task of diaper brands, the winner to be decided by…drum roll.. Baron Trump. I don’t blame that lady for quiting. It’s a stupid idea, this whole tent thing does nothing but detract from what made the show awesome in the first place. My opinion is Michelle realized that her dignity was worth more to her than all of Big D’s money she didnt believe in what he was doing, and decided to cease and desist. There is a difference between quitting, and “changing the direction” in the path of life. Quite frankly, the “stay the course” attitude we have seen, which I won’t go in depth on that cause it makes me sick seeing how costly that blundering mentality has hurt America as a whole. But it is a free country, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I suspect from this essay you can ascertain my view. Big D has his, and the people have the CHOICE to watch if they like, Don’t watch if they dislike. I think I will continue to watch. But I will say this, It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we see “Slob Passes” being passed out in the competitions, er I mean, Tasks.
I’d like to thank anyone who took the time to read all this. Anyone who did certainly would have the Persistance Big D is looking for as an apprentice.:)

Those who sought to defend this Michelle and her resignation antics obviously did not watch what she was made of BEFORE that moment. No matter who you work with, if you are a dodger of responsibility, have a bad attitude towards everyone else within your group, sulk and deflect blame to others, then YOU are at fault. She is not just non-TRUMP material, but I am very surprised she is successful anywhere. Quitting was in fact something that should have been predicted, for that is what people like her do everywhere.

The show is now all the better with her gone- nobody likes a bad attitude, and it is no wonder no one else liked her!

I think that there are acceptable reasons for which quitting would be a wise decision. I think that quitting for a better position in your career would be an example of an acceptable reason. I dont think, however, that quitting as an escape from responsibility or better, accountability, is acceptable at all.

Michelle obviously went into “The Apprentice” knowing exactly what she was getting into because the show has been airing for years! She signed up for it and signed all sorts of waivers to participate and allow it to be aired. My father used to tell me that “excuses are unacceptable” and I think that all she did was give excuse after excuse for any reason to get out of there.

Michelle had every right to quit as many have mentioned, but I just dont think that the manner in which she did so was very honorable or professional. It’s time to step up and be accountable!

I was shocked when she did quit and her reasoning at the time seemed contrived.

Having thought about it futher, it seemed to me Trump was enraged that control of the show and the boardroom had dramatically shifted by Michelle’s resignation.

I was amazed by the heavy handed criticism, more so from Ivanka Trump than either Donald.

To say one is a quitter because she was in an impossible situation makes little sense to me. There is much to be said about success through failure. Many of the most successful leaders, athletes and superstars will agree that failure has many lessons that ultimately lead to success.

Michelle Sorro is successful. She would not have been picked for the show if she wasn’t.

I believe The Donald was a bit annoyed he didn’t get the chance to utter his famous phrase. Moreover, are you really finding out just how talented someone is by who can best show the sites of LA in a bus?

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