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I had a client today ask me for more information about article writing so I decided to do more research on the subject. As many of you that I work with know, article writing can really help us get targeted traffic to our websites and build link value on other sites. Questions many clients ask:

What am I supposed to write about?

If you are a client I’m working with, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times – keyword research is so important, not only for helping us narrow down the niche, but also for marketing later on. Our articles need to be specifically about keywords we want to be found for on search engines.

How long does my article need to be?

250-500 words is fine for an eCommerce Blog.

What if I don’t like writing?

Start to, you’re building your own business and writing is part of it. If you don’t like to write, there are options like and

How will I know if my articles are being seen and working?

Track your stats. I use two tracking devices: and Google Analytics. Both will tell me important information: where my visitors are coming from, how they found me, and what they do when they get to my site. If you are submitting articles to a variety of sources and not getting any traffic from them, maybe it’s not the best use of your time.

Where else can I post my articles?

This article about eCommerce Blogging may help. I also like to look for forums related to my industry and blogs that relate to what I’m writing about. Use portions of articles you’ve already written as comments or threads on these sites. As people like what they’re reading, they’ll tend to go to your site.

What makes a good article?

Proper usage of keyword phrases that you want to be found for. Example: I have a client that is trying to move up the charts for a specific keyword phrase. He wrote an article and published it at After a few days, his article was published. The interesting thing was that the article had the specific keyword phrase in the title. The very next day, when typing in that keyword phrase in Google, his article (not his site) showed up #4 out of over 900,000 websites. This means that he was 1 click away from being found for his brand new website by his target audience.

My top 6 quick tips to help you write compelling article content:

  1. Get to the point, be brief and be unique. Leave all sales & marketing hype language out of your articles.
  2. Be interesting, don’t ramble. Ask questions, provoke thought or insight backed with reasons why your ideas work.
  3. Write your article to be visually appealing for easy eye text scanning. This includes bullets, lists, bold text, etc. (see next point)
  4. Include generous use of sub-titles/sub-heads, bullets, numbered lists, and an occasional block quote.
  5. Create an easy to understand article title so that your reader knows upfront what your benefit promise is – then be sure to deliver in the article body the answer to the promise you just made.
  6. Know your audience. Write about things you feel need to be discussed by your potential buyers. Answer questions they may have that can back up their buying decisions.

If you’d like more information, email me at info at mollermarketing dot com.

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Well said, Nate! Especially your six points about writing good article content–I read articles sometimes that don’t live up to the promised info in the title or subtitle and it’s always rather irritating. I usually don’t take the writer very seriously when that happens. People need to realize that these things ARE read, and not just a way to get your link out there–and if you don’t sound credible or offer some new insights, you may be doing more harm than good.

I printed out the 6 quick tips and posted them on my wall of success behind my monitor. Thanks for the great info.

Thanks for all the good information about writing articles. I know you have encouraged me to write articles and I can see good results from my articles. Some results of my articles were I found all the articles I have written posted on someones site alone giving me credit and also have found them on other sites bringing more traffic to my site My articles alone have brought many hits to my site.

Talking about keywords, I have found the to be very benefical for finding more keywords to bring people to my site. I have gotten many keywords lately from the statcounter and am in the process of writing new blogs for my blog and also writing new articles to submit to article directories. With your information about Google Analytics, I will now use this as well. Your information is truly important for our successful websites.

Great info Nate. The six tips really help in writing a good article. I will print them out and refer to them often.

As I am not a writer your six tips give me some guidance to become one. I see the importance of writing articles for my website so with a little practice and some good ideas, I will become one. Thanks for all your guidance Nate!

This article is good. I need to look at my analytics more. Writing articles comes easy for me, but keeping your tips in mind will make them do more of what they are intended for– drive traffic to my site for sales! Thanks, Nate!

I TOO DECIDED TO PRINT THIS OUT INSTANTLY as I can use it to review my articles when I’ve put them together. Once again Nate hits the mark.

Thanks for the great information again Nate.The 6 tips are an excellent guideline to keep non writers like us on track and help us write blogs and articles that are relevant and interesting.We also will print this this out and add it to our growing collection of Nate’s work.

This is helpful–especially the six quick tips. It shows what you mean by lists, and subheadings in the form of questions. This makes it easier to read, and gives me a pattern to go by when I start writing. I printed them for future reference.

Thanks for ALL of the help!

I will definately use your tips and info. to help me write a article. I am not that great of a writer so all the info. will help me help a great deal. Thanks again Nate.

Hi Nate, Thanks for this info and especially the 6 points to good article
writing. This will help me get started on writing articles and blogs,
that are interesting and helpful to others. Thanks again Nate

Thanks Nate!,
I definitly agree with you, i thinks that one thing thats going to help me the most is your 6 point to a good article writhing. Once i start wrighting my article i keep looking back to this site for these helpful tip Thaks.

Good, practical advice. No job is as easy as we would hope. I can see that writing articles is an important discipline to drive traffic to your business.

Articles written and posted on ezine were missing the keyword phrases. Will go back and change titles and rewrite with keyword phrases. Maybe this will get people to my website!!

Thanks for the 6 tips Nate. Article submission is one of the many ways to drive business to my site. I realize how important all the work on keyword research becomes as I develop my business.

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