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New Logo for!

I’m on a roll right now for blog posting after reading this article about blogging frequency by ProBlogger. As some of you may have heard or seen, I’ve been doing lots of research on logo design and usage.

A logo is a key part of the sales process. 90% or more of my traffic comes from natural search engine placements. I’ve realized that if my logo looks like someone just threw it together, it doesn’t instill trust or confidence in what I’m offering. Often times how good the products, services or offer I have may not matter if that first impression isn’t that good.

A logo that looks great will keep the attention of new web site visitors long enough (about 5 seconds) for them to look at the rest of your site and the price of your products. A great logo will create that layer of trust between my site and a complete stranger.

5 Tips in Selecting a Quality Logo

  1. A logo needs longevity: you better like it enough to stay “married” to it forever. You can only know this by research, getting feedback from friends, family and strangers, and at some point taking the leap.
  2. A logo needs to be original: just because my neighbor’s business has a cool looking logo doesn’t mean I need to go out and get one that looks exactly the same. We’re not talking about cars or boats here – originality is an important differentiator.
  3. A logo should look professional: as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If I buy my logo at WalMart, I may get the “lowest price – guaranteed” but that doesn’t mean it’s high quality. We recently purchased a small hutch for our dining room from WalMart and I warn everyone to not even look at it the wrong way for fear that it will fall apart. It looks pretty nice but the quality just isn’t there. Be careful when selecting a logo company.
  4. A logo should reflect the time and thought gone in to designing it: see tip number 3. Does the logo company you’re working with have a good track record? Do they have testimonials or feedback from other clients? Are they delivering “plus one” service (see the book Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard). These are important questions to ask.
  5. A logo is the starting point of your whole corporate image: see tip 1. You’re going to be “married” to this look and feel for a long time. Sure there may be revisions or changes down the road, but big changes can ruin the branding you’ve spent time and money establishing. Think if Nike all of a sudden changed their swoosh sign.

I’m very pleased with the logo that was designed for my Door County, Wisconsin site. The company worked closely with me to insure that I was satisfied, they have a good track record, and they seem committed to my success. Let me know what you think of the new logo.

Here were the steps the logo company went through to help me:

Step 1: They sent me a consultation to get a feel for what I wanted.

Step 2: They sent these ideas:

Door County Reviews

Step 3: I ran them by family, friends, and the boss (my wife).  We decided on one we liked and made some revisions.

Step 4:  They sent the revisions:

Door County WI

Step 5: The Boss and I talked things over and made a decision:

Best Family Vacation Destination

Here is a link to Logo Discount Code.

4 replies on “New Logo for!”

I think a logo is very important, I like the second one from top to bottom, is is gentle on your eyes,

Herbert Hidalgo

If you pick number 1 on the top, it is a good one and very nice and easy on the eyes. On the revisions, number one is also the best one because everything blends together and balanced. Good choice.

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