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The Step by Steps of On-Site SEO

On-site SEO – what is that?

Did you even know there were different ways to do SEO?

The two main SEO strategies are called On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO. On-site SEO has to do with title tags, meta tags, friendly URLs, and internal linking structure – all in conjunction with quality content.

Off-site SEO is more about link building, viral campaigns, infographics, and even social media marketing.

I talk with clients a lot about on-site SEO in consultations so I thought I’d write out a few of the basics to use as a checklist. In the Search Engine Optimization world, there are many different opinions on what’s the “right way”.

On-site search engine optimization, what we do on our site to make it search engine friendly, is only a part of getting the right traffic to your site. But if you do it correctly, it can really help you get out of the Google “sand box”.

Here are the some of the basic tips:

Meta Tag Titles

  • 6-10 words maximum
  • Minimal keyword repetition
  • No domain name
  • Use keyword phrases that you want people to use to find you in a search engine
  • Use “buyer phrases” instead of “browser phrases”
  • Every page of a website can have its own unique meta tags

Meta Tag Descriptions

  • 1-3 Sentences
  • Keyword repetition recommended
  • Explain what the page is about

Meta Tag Keywords

  • 10-15 words separated by commas
  • keyword repetition is okay
  • make sure the words relate to the page you’re marketing

Here are my meta tags (title, description, keywords) for my home page at

Title: Clogging shoes | Dance Bags

Description: Online clogging store with new and used clogging shoes, taps, dance bags, capezio dance wear and other clog dancing information.

Keywords: clogging, clogging dance shoes, dance bags, capezio dancewear, taps, clogging steps, clogging shoe supplier, history, clogging blog, clogg dance, clogging dance team specials, what is clogging, clogging shoe distributor, costume bag

Hope this helps and gives you a picture of how your meta tags can look on your pages. Remember, we want to customize the meta tags for all pages, especially the ones we want to be found in search engines. I personally don’t waist a ton of time on the about us or contact us page.

If you have questions, please leave a comment below.

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Hi Nate…
very interesting reading….

I am in Germany and I am about to start a “new small”
online marketing presence…
Do you mind if I translate some of your blogs to use on mine?
Would you have any other suggestions??

Thank you

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