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3 Must-Follows if You’re a True Online Marketer

life-is-goodLife is good!

Today was the best day.

The weather was perfect.

I got to play with my kids at the park.

We ate delicious baked potatoes from Idaho – the Famous Potato State (my hometown).

I talked for quite awhile to the guy who got me in to online marketing back in the day.

I got a great updated success story from one of my favorite Prosper clients.

I still have my job 🙂

And…I got to chat with these online marketing All-Stars:


Yes, three of my search engine optimization, social media, and blogging icons:

  • Aaron Wall: author of “SEO Book” and founder of  This guy has so much to share about the world of search engine marketing.  I believe the first e-book I purchased about SEO, and possibly the last, was SEO Book.  I refer to it as the Bible of SEO.  Make sure to follow Aaron at @aaronwall
  • Muhammad Saleem: one of the first interviews I did over the phone was with Muhammad Saleem, the “Social Media Maven”.  Not only is Muhammad a social media master, but he’s also very friendly and willing to help.  At Blog World Expo 2008, Muhammad gave a great panel presentation on the how-to’s of social media. Follow Muhammad on Twitter at @msaleem
  • Darren Rowse: THE PRO BLOGGER!  Darren is the owner of many blogs, the most popular one probably being – a blog about making money blogging.  If you are a current client of mine or if you’ve participated in my Blogging webinars, you’ve heard me speak of Darren.  Darren recently started a Twitter Blog which shares things like how to set up a twitter account, twitter strategy, and more.  Follow Darren on Twitter at @problogger.

Social media marketing is about connecting!  It’s about not being afraid to connect with those who have the most influence in your niche.

The purpose of this blog post was two fold:

  1. To get my BUTT back in Blogging Gear! I’ve been so stressed lately and blogging is a great way to vent, share my passions for online marketing, and focus on things I have control over.
  2. To show all Moller Marketing readers that YOU CAN CONNECT WITH WHOEVER YOU WANT TO!  I think the biggest problem is that many of you don’t even know WHO you want to connect with; you aren’t really sure who will take your business from where it is to where you want it to go (you may not know where you want it to go either).  If you don’t know, you either need to do your homework or get out of the industry you’re currently in.  You also need to really think about WHY you’re running an online business.

Let me know who you plan to connect with today…

14 replies on “3 Must-Follows if You’re a True Online Marketer”

The most challenging thing with SEO, blogging etc. is to believe in your plan and stick with it even when you don’t see results. Thanks for your update.

Persistence and Belief – two keys to success when everything else isn’t going the way you thought it would.

You’re a good example (most of the time 🙂 ) of both these things. Keep blogging and adding advertisers to your list – and keep me updated on your progress too.

Thanks Ed!

Way to go Nate. Never thought I would hear you fall behind in anything, let alone admit it. Just goes to prove you are human. My problem is I branched out in too many directions. Now I have to step back and reset my priorities. Good to hear from you again.


You’re alive! I’m glad to hear from you too. We should talk soon.

Yes, I’m as human as they come and need someone to kick me in the butt from time to time.

Send me an email and update me on where you’re at these days.

Talk to you soon!

Nate Moller

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