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Why Planned Blogging Pays Off

Does Darren Rowse really love blogging?  How does he make so much money online just blogging?

If you’ve had these questions like I have, or if you don’t know who Darren Rowse even is (shame on you), read on!

One of my favorite blogs to read is by Darren Rowse.  Not only is his content clear and easy to follow, but he also is proof that if you blog about what you are passion about, the money will come!

He recently started a new blog about Twitter tips.  Here are a few highlights:

One of the things I’ve been working on over the last few days is a editorial calendar of sorts (or at least the beginning of one)…

darren rowse speaks at blog world expo 2008Why an Editorial Calendar?

As many of you have read, blogging with consistency is crucial to your success!  By creating an editorial calendar at the start of your blog, you can blog with purpose, direction and a focus.  I’d say one of the hardest things about consistent blogging is writers block: you get to a point where you’re not really sure what to share with your readers.  A calendar can help with this since you have a direction and want to follow a system for success.  Remember, it’s never too late to implement these tips for your online business!  Start Now!

Here’s more on why this “calendar system” is effective for Pro Bloggers:

What I’ve been working on in the last day or two is a list of posts that I want to publish. This way I’m setting more of the agenda for where the blog will go…(bold added)

I’ve also been thinking through a few regular ‘types’ of posts that I want to feature. For example I want to interview some top Tweeters on how they use Twitter. I also want to try doing to do some user reviews. Having these consistent types of posts will hopefully help readers to know what they’re getting and will help develop a rhythm for the blog.

I’ve talked to clients about this a lot and need to practice what I preach – have theme days – ie. Free T-Shirt Friday, Monday Madness, whatever.  This gives readers something to look forward to.

So, I commit today to plan, plan, plan for Moller Marketing, the Utah Tourism blog, and others:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

Darren sums it up best with this direct statement about success online (bold added for emphasis):

Being successful at something is very hard if you don’t know what you want to achieve. It’s much easier to hit your target…. if you know what it is.

So, what’s your blogging plan?