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Which SMO tools are the best for SEO and Sales Conversion?

My Stumbleupon friend Kate proposed an interesting question the other day: “How can Social Media sites be improved?”

As an eCommerce Consultant, one of my main focuses is sales conversion. The question I get all the time is “Which SMO tools are the best for SEO and Sales Conversion?” The first answer is this – “Are any of them really for SEO and Sales Conversion?” I would definitely say SMO and SEO go together, but I personally haven’t seen a drastic increase in Sales Convesion because of SMO tools, at least nothing I can track directly back to a SMO reference point.

One issue I do have is the ammount of SMO tools out there to keep track of. I’ve lost count of how many there actually are these days but, as I teach people how to use them in their online marketing strategy, clients ask – Which ones are the best to use?

Stumbleupon has proven to get me the most traffic but does that traffic ever convert? NO! (not that I’ve seen anyway) Digg brings in traffic but there are definitely “insider tips” on getting on the popular pages or even upcoming status. I did get some traffic from for one article a while back, but rarely see much from traffic; however, I still use it – the main reason being links. I’m reading more and more recently about the downfall of Facebook – which I have generated some business from via networking.

The problem is, the SMO list goes on and on:,,,,,, etc, etc, etc. Whatever happen to the “keep it simple stupid” acronym? The bottom line is SMO is great for link building, which in turn helps you get recognized more by search engines, which then helps you move up the SERPs. The networking can be a great in too as you use these tools consistently.

What are your thoughts about the oversaturation of SMO tools?

Here are some of the things I do like about the SMO tools:

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