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The Jeremy Palmer Affiliate Marketing Test

Affiliate Marketing is defined as:

a method of promoting web businesses (merchants/advertisers) in which an affiliate (publisher) is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or sale provided through his/her efforts. (

As of today, 10.3.2007, I’ve made a total of $380.55 in commissions from Commission Junction starting in Jan 2007. That’s $2,103.55 in sales, 22 sales, 41 items, 1,059 clicks and 72,654 impressions. My best site to date has made $246.11 in commissions, followed by $105.30 and $17.74. As you can see by the numbers, I’m not an avid or dedicated affiliate marketer by any means and have focused more of my time (and money) on dropshipping for my eCommerce business.

As you’ve read recently, I went to CJU 2007 and had the opportunity to meet the one, the only, Jeremy Palmer. He is one of the “big dogs” of affiliate marketing. Thanks to a friend and fellow Utah blogger, I watched a couple testimonials about how Jeremy Palmer has done amazing things for his clients. I met two of these clients at the CJU 2007 Affiliate Marketing Conference in Santa Barbara, California. One of them, Justin Bowem, actually won the Horizon Award as one of the top performers in 2007. These experiences have opened my mind a bit to the potential of affiliate marketing. Obviously there are people making “bank” with commissions on sales.

I got to talk to Jeremy, Justin, and James Hamby at CJU 2007. My time with Jeremy was only for a few minutes, but I got to talk to Justin and James for quite some time. I love asking questions. Here are a few key points I learned from them that are good to take in to account:

  1. Learn website design or know someone who does. I’m not a programmer or designer but know a few people around the block that may be able to help me. You can also find people like this at, and
  2. Be prepared to spend money on advertising. Pay Per Click advertising is key if you want to get quick, targeted traffic to your site. However, getting traffic and getting “conversion” are two different things. Just spending the money to get traffic and not knowing what is and isn’t working is like throwing money down the drain.
  3. Analysis, analysis, analysis! Jeremy uses Google Analytics like it’s going out of style. This is a free analytics tool that will tell you almost anything you want about your visitors and what they are doing. Knowing what they’re doing is only a part of the analysis though. It’s also important to know what you want them to do and how to get them to do it. This comes with time and practice.

So, keeping these things in mind, and realizing it may be a shot in the dark, I’m going to challenge myself in front of all my clients and readers.

The affiliate marketing experiment: I recently downloaded Jeremy Palmers eBook about High Level Affiliate Marketing. I plan to print this ebook out and read it at least 2 times within the next month. With the information I learn, I plan to make at least $1,000 in Commissions within the next 3 months. That is at least $333.33 per month net profit starting in November and ending in January 2008. Granted, this isn’t much, but as I’ve said a thousand times – “Small Success leads to Big Success!” I plan to dedicate $250 per month for 3 months to a PPC marketing campaign, something I’ve never done before.

I look forward to seeing the results and then teaching them, in detail, to my clients. Be prepared to get updates from time to time on my progress.

7 replies on “The Jeremy Palmer Affiliate Marketing Test”

hi, Nate!
As you know, I tried this for awhile. Didn’t really work at it, just threw some affiliate links up on a site I had at the time.

But I always thought it had great potential, given enough time and dedication. Which you’ve got–well, at least the dedication part.

I’ll be watching your blog with interest to see if you make your publicly-stated goals, you brave soul, you! Good luck–

Hey, Nate

Jeremy just put out a new training package that a friend of my bought and is going through now. Part of what they say is that you are going to have to spend money to make money. We all know this, but we all don’t have big budgets to start with. So your right start with small budgets and reinvest it all.

Jeremy spent $500,000 in PPC to make $1.4 million i think that is a good ROI. But one of the points is that you must watch it like a hawke. Not something that you can put out a big PPC Campagine and check once aday. You have to be on top of it weeding out non preforming ads or you can very quickly be in the whole.

Thanks for the update Charlie. When I was at the CJU, I had a change to talk to Jeremy a bit but also to Justin Bowem. That’s one of the things he really talked about too – “It takes money to make money.”

Thanks for the reminder.

Hi Nate,
This is interesting. While I don’t have the money to pursue this right now, I am going to continue to watch for opportunities to get going on a marketing plan.

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