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The Power of SMO!!

Wow, what a change in traffic! Yesterday I added a plugin for and digg, two of the top SMO services on the internet. I submitted a new article about Michelle Sorro from the Apprentice. Today I’ve seen a huge influx in traffic – from 25 visitors yesterday to 761 visitors and counting today! Yahoo! (literally) – most of the traffic is coming from this Yahoo site:

So, if you haven’t got a or digg account, get them and use them. Make sure you submit articles to the right categories and avoid spam. Use the links to “Socially Bookmark” your favorite pages.

4 replies on “The Power of SMO!!”

That’s great–I’m going to go find them and get my exhausted husband to add them to his blog.

Then I think I’ll either start a new blog or re-do an old one I have and add them there, too. And maybe write something outrageous and see what happens. There are so many new things happening, it’s hard to keep up.

Just doing some surfing and checking out these sites,,,, blogs) and one that really caught my interest is (big bucks) these sites are SMO tools and are just HUGH! Now all I need is to create an extra 2 hours in my day to spend on SMO. This stuff is so much fun! It is a time hog though. If you’ve got the time and love to write or video tape or what I love most, audio recording, there is no limit to the networks you can create, friends you can make and of course it all comes down to the money as well. I really was impressed with the amount of people who respect these sites and use them well. I want to be one of those people in the very near future. This is all fairly new to me so I am in La La Land! Have fun, Play hard! Thanks Nate for your valuable information and mentoring. You really have helped me change me life. Now I must figure out how to create those extra two hours every day…. I’ll be back for more……

I just want to figure out how to use them! I think this is another area that really shows my age and comfort level with the internet. Nate, help me on this, please. I am not quite sure how to get some of these SMO’s on my blog. I also want to see if it is too late to go back and include them on most most recent articles that have not yet been published.

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