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Two of ProBlogger’s Top Tips for Beginning Bloggers

Darren Rowse, also known in the Internet world as ProBlogger, is one of the top bloggers I read on a pretty consistent basis. I “stumbled upon” an article today written by one of his bloggers titled “9 Tips to Start Blogging Successfully“. It lists some good tips, of which I want to focus on two in particular:

  1. Marketing Your Blog is Hard Work: So you mean running an online business isn’t a “turn-key” “get-rich-quick” thing? Ha Ha!  Shoemoney had some straight forward things to say about that. Mark Twain said it best, “The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.” Just like anything that’s worth pursuing, running a blog, an online business, or building your current business will take strategy, thought, effort and WORK. Work is defined as “exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.” I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the last few years and the majority say they want to change their financial situation by creating a new stream of income. The question I have is, “Are you ready to do what it takes to see the results you want?” Make sure you keep in mind that it’s important to work smart, not just hard.
  2. Research, Read, Reflect: I think one of the toughest things about starting a blog is most of us don’t know what we can write about. We think we have to reinvent the wheel or come up with breakthrough information. Many of the blogs I read analyze the news, talk about their kids from time to time, or just share a frustration or gripe about whatever. Do they still get tons of traffic and make good money? Yes, mainly because they do these three things: research, read, and reflect. The best bloggers are always looking for something new to associate to their area of expertise. They’re always reading articles, making comments, and then creating their own blog post that agrees with, contradicts, or takes a spin on what was shared elsewhere. Reflection at its best.

So now the question is, where do I start looking for information to blog about for my online business? Ever heard of Google? Google even breaks things down into News, Blogs, Video, etc. Go to these sources, type in one of your top keyword phrases, and start your research. Take notes, bookmark articles, and then combine ideas, put a spin on them, or take an opposing stance. Don’t forget to source where you got the information: in many cases this can help you start getting your name out there even quicker than you think.

The more you practice blogging about your area of expertise, the better you’re going to get. This concept is the same for article writing, press releases, or anything else related to online marketing. Practice really does help us become the best at what we do.

Just like one of my favorite quotes states:

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier

Keep me posted about your success! Expect It!

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Hi Nate,
Enjoyed this feed because I have strong feelings about our society, morality, and the gretness of our country that I would be eager to humbly share with the blogosphere. Some subjects may not be easily linked to religious figurines, so I guess that is one challenge.


Pardon the typo. That should read greatness, not gretness, whatever that is!
Seriously, I can see already that I am not going to be able to be limited to just using the internet to sell inspirational figurines, etc., as commendable as that is. I have a strong urge to become a part of the worldwide net conversation, not because of ego, but because of a desire to share with others the blessings that I have received as a believer in Jesus Christ, and as one who is fortunate enough to be an American. Once again, you have helped open up new vistas for me that I did not know existed. I still have much to learn and still have a struggle making time for my internet activities, but I am determined to persevere!


There’s only one way to reap your harvest…that is to “plant your seeds.” Being relentless, setting your face like flint, and doing the things you need to do. In time, the boulder in front of you will yield. It has no choice.


Being new in the blogging world, this has helped me to refocus my efforts and I’m excited to really go for it. There’s so much. I think good ole time management is the key. Thanks Nate

Time and Money – the two main investments you have to make to build a real business. The more you manage both and keep good track of what you’re doing, the better you can use these two important factors most effectively.

Make sure you continue to record all the “Small Success [that’s leading] to Big Success!” in your Success Journal.

After “reading and reflecting” on this, I think most persons these days are so used to getting satisfaction so quickly; that they feel uncomfortable when they have to wait (long periods) and work (harder than normal) for what they want or need.

Before we got the conveniences of technology, “long periods” and “harder than normal work” were the norm! Everyone is capable of going beyond what they perceive to be their limits…they just have to WANT it!

As for HOW…hardly anything is ever done for the first time. So because someone has most likely “done it before”; there is a pattern or steps that can be learned and duplicated in order to get the result(s) that the sequence has already brought to others.

In short…you don’t HAVE to reinvent the wheel; just have the courage to learn how it’s used and keep rolling it. It takes some energy to get that wheel spinning; but consistency considerably reduces the effort with time.

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