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Using Facebook for Blog Cross Promotion and SMO

I recently signed up for, a Social Network for everyone. My little brother in law sent me a message right after I signed up that said the following, “dude, you’re 30 years old…have two kids and are married….why are you on facebook?” I laughed as I read his inquiry. As I thought about it though, here are 4 of the main reasons I signed up for

  1. My mentor, Mat Siltala, is a Facebook user. As an eCommerce Business Consultant myself who was taught by a great SEO specialist, I want to do what the best are doing. I read certain SEO and SMO Blogs all the time about different ways to get potential buyers to come to my site; if I don’t implement the ideas that are working for others, how can I expect success?
  2. Status updates. If you are a fan of Twitter (or know anything about it), then Facebook Status Updates are right up your alley. As you create your network of friends on Facebook, you can be kept up to date on what they are doing. You can also share information about your site, articles you’ve written that need bookmarked, etc.
  3. Free Classifieds. I just set this up today. Yet another free way to promote products to a specific target audience.
  4. TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC! In the past six months, after Facebook opened up to non-collegiates and developers, the site has more than doubled in number of unique visitors, growing from 23 million users in December 2006 to 47 million in May 2007.

So, there you have it.  Add me to your friends list and network yourself all over the web.

8 replies on “Using Facebook for Blog Cross Promotion and SMO”

I’m sure social networking will be useful over the long-term – I’ll come back to this when I’ve developped my content.

I’m going to sign up for Facebook (like i said on your other article I have been busy adding products and rearranging the pages on my site) ASAP and then I’m going to look at your stuff to see what kinds of things you have been putting in as I’m really not sure about this Thanks Nate

I guess i feel like the comment above. I have always stayed away from general online communities because I am not fond of the muturity level often found in many groups, or that the groups focus is anthing but what the featured topic is.

But if it works – I will give it a try. I would hate to let a few past experiences keep me from a using a good tool.

I can certainly see the potential.

Ok, I’m on Facebook. There are a few local groups I joined, but need to look nationally. A couple of kids have already dissed me and suggested I must be a pedophile for being on Facebook. I reported them for their abusive language. Not real comfortable with this so far, but will keep trying to find groups that work for me. That seems to be the big challenge, finding the right groups to join with enough members to make the time, effort and energy worthwhile. I’m going to start my own group, and we’ll see if anyone joins in. Also, will look to post classified ads, articles etc. I’ve also been told to try and zaadz for social networking.

Nate since I have a very focused and older group that I work with, I don’t think FaceBook is right for the Reverse Mortgage product. I will give it a try with the help of one of my daughters

Loving Facebook! Everyday I am getting new friends….people I know, and people I don’t! Plus, everytime I post a BLOG I immediately ‘Facebook it!’ Traffic comes almost instantly…Facebook is becoming as big for me as Myspace!

Nate…Thought I would read your blogs before signing up for Facebook. I am certainly a novice a social networking and with being older it seems a little strange to go down the path of Facebook. However, if I can generate traffic to my site I am certainly willing to give it a try. I will also have to employ the help of my daughter since she is a Facebook user and I certainly know nothing about this media.

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