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3 eCommerce Investments You Have to Make

Getting a business started, online or offline, can be expensive. There are so many tools, gadgets, gizmos and “scams” out there that can drain your pockets of cash. It’s important to be aware of what’s mandatory and what’s optional if you really plan to be successful with an online business.

Here is a small list of things that will be needed. I’ve also given some suggestions of things I use.


  • Business Name and Tax ID Number – see www.(yourstate).gov or go to a local business accountant or lawyer that can help you set things up correctly the first time. It may cost you some money up front but will save you money in the long run.
  • Builder and Hosting System – I recommend Magellan Commerce for many of my clients because of it’s user friendliness and search engine compatibility. Here are some of the reasons why:
    1) Custom Meta Tags for all Pages
    2) Friendly URLs
    3) Awesome Design Options
    4) Purchase Orders, Coupons, and more
    5) Great technical support

    There are others options too. I use business hosting from for some of my sites and then WordPress, Joomla, or OS Commerce for my builder options.  The thing clients have to be aware of is that if they use Bluehost, the learning curve will be bigger than with a Builder like Magellan Commerce.

  • Domain Name – Also known as a URL, website address, or website name, this is crucial (in most cases) if you plan to run a business online. I use to purchase domain names but there are others as well. Just make sure you don’t buy too much from these companies.

If you have found other eCommerce Investments that have been mandatory to your online success, please add them in the comments section.

Have questions about this? Share them as well.

I will list other “investments” that can be helpful in an upcoming post.

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When a person is first starting to create their first website, many things are overwhelming. It was for us.

Nate helped us through many of our trials and tribulations with good suggestions, ideas and good mentoring.

My husband was so frustrated with one website builder that he purchased a good website builder and learned from it. After going through this process, he began to understand what that first one wanted. That first site was site creator plus. It is a good site.

Should you not understand some of the things they suggest, it is my suggestion you get a good mentor, such as Nate or someone you trust, and ask them questions, questions, questions.

Most mentors are glad to help someone along the way.

Our site is up and running well. We have had over 4 inquiries for products other than what we sell and we have given them good customer service and found what they needed. Each customer has placed us in their favorites to get ahold of for their candle purchases.

Once your site is up and running, please give good customer service to your customers. They recommend you to others and come back and purchase more from you.

Tobey Anne Craft

Hi Nate,
With your guidance, I have obtained the three eCommerce essentials you have listed. If I were to add anything to the list, it would be having a knowledgable, experienced, and successful mentor such as yourself to keep you on the right path to success. Thanks for all your help, and Happy New Year to you and your family!


I agree you have to get your Business name and Tax ID along with a web host, I too would recommend Magellan Commerce as a web host you can use for construction your web site.

I know it’s something to do but why get the business name & tax ID? Especially to get started can’t you just use your name & social security number?

I like the idea of using Magellan, or something that simplifies as much of the technical side as possible. Eventually, I think you’ll want to dive in to different CMS (Content Management System) options. I could be wrong, I went straight to WordPress. I’ve done a little with Joomla, but you have more control, more flexibility. But you are right there is a learning curve.

Obviously, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are CMS but in order to do shopping carts you would need to an eCommerce manager. Which do you suggest? osCommerce? Zen-Cart? etc.

I am so confused by the site building. I know I will learn, but it’s all Greek to me! I did understand a lot from your book, but I still haven’t put it into practice. Do you recommend that I use Bluehost or Magellan? Which is simpler?

I have my Business name and the tax ID is being processed. Hopefully, I will have them soon.
No product as of yet, but I am working on it. I will be asking you a lot of questions
Thank you

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