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Happy New Year from!

Happy New Year from! I thought I’d just share a few statistics to let my readers know where this site is at after it’s first full year “in business”.

As many of you know, this blog was started as a way to help my clients actually see what I was talking about with them on the phone during our mentoring sessions.  Having been in the same situation many of you have been in – not knowing what I didn’t know, not really understanding where to start or how to get an online business functioning, etc, etc, –  it always helped me to learn things in multiple formats; I hope this blog has accomplished that purpose, and I appreciate the great comments which have given added insite to ideas and suggestions presented – keep them coming.

I’ve talked a lot lately about consistency in blogging and how blogging really helps your eCommerce business.  Here are a few statistics that may give you a better picture of what I’ve done with this site:

Total Blog Posts in 2007: 91

Total Comments Made in 2007: 858

Total Blog Categories: 28

Total Blogs Linked to (according to Technorati): 294

Google Page Rank: 4/10

Are these numbers really that great?  Probably not to some of the “big dog bloggers” out there, but to me, they are very important: they give me history and history can tell a person a lot about a business.  By having these numbers out there to look at and analyze, I can now focus on what I need to do to improve.  The first year of any business can be a rocky road and many quit or give up when it’s not as “easy” as they hoped it would be. However, I read a great quote today while traveling back from Door County, Wisconsin.  It was by John Paul Dejoria of Paul Mitchell hair products.  It said:

I have said many times that the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people do a lot of the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do. Like when the door is slammed in your face ten times, you go on to door number eleven with just as much enthusiasm.

Amen to this!  That’s why I love sales and running my own businesses – it’s all about attitude, character and self motivation.  I’m yet to work with a single client that doesn’t have the potential to be successful.  All of my clients come with different back grounds, experience and motivation. Unfortunately, not all of them realize or believe they can and will succeed.  So, with that said, the big challenge in 2008 for everyone (myself included) is to EXPECT SUCCESS! Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year Nate!

I too am excited about 2008. I have kicked off the new year with a new Blog and I am ready to update it consistently this year…as you have advised. Incidentally, if any of your clients/readers want some FREE marketing they can send their stuff and I will create a video endorsement and ship it out to my thousands of subscribers!

All the best in 2008!

Hi Nate,
Hope you had a great visit up in Wisconsin. You hit the nail on the head for me when you described how you felt when starting your online business-unsure, uncertain, and ignorant of so much; cause that’s how I feel. However, it is comforting to know that just as others have learned the business and become successful, if I apply myself, am persistent, and don’t give up, I, too, can succeed with God’s help. Thanks for the encouragement and advice. The Happiest and most Blessed of New Years to you and your family!


I was once in that boat of “will I be able to do this?” But you kept me motivated and we are doing it!
Our business may be very young, but it’s growing in huge ways every day! 2008 holds great things and I am running at them with much excitement!
Persistence and a great attitude will get you where you want to be. Knock on that 11th door!

I agree Cassie, your persistence and positive attitude is going to take your business amazing places in 2008. I’m proud to be working with you and wish you the best in 2008.

Thanks for the nice comments Don and Mark. I look forward to great things from you too.

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