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3 Reasons Why New Internet Business Owners are Successful

I’ve mentored hundreds of clients.

I’ve seen some of them achieve things beyond what I ever expected; I’ve seen others fail miserably and never even get things off the ground.

But I’ve come to one overall conclusion: Online Business Success is for those who are ready for it.

I’ve mentored hundreds of clients.

I’ve seen some of them achieve things beyond what I ever expected; I’ve seen others fail miserably and never even get things off the ground.

But I’ve come to one overall conclusion: Online Business Success is for those who are ready for it.

3 Reasons Why New Internet Business Owners are Successful:

  1. They are opened minded and teachable:  to be an new internet entrepreneur, you have to be open minded and teachable mainly because you don’t know any better. 🙂  I know I was in that very place about 5 years ago as a new internet business owner.  Luckily I had a great mentor who showed me the ropes, answered all my dumb questions, and believed I could succeed (even though honestly he probably thought I was crazy for starting a clogging website).  Newbies have to be willing to test things without really knowing if it will work; they must be willing to take a step in the dark.  Thanks, clients, for being open minded and teachable!
  2. They have strong motivation: if you don’t have a stronger “WHY” than “I want to make a lot of money” you’ll probably chase every fly-by-night that comes along.  Making money online has to be one of the reasons you look to start a business, that’s obvious, but it must go deeper than that.  I’ve been on my soap box for quite some time now about doing what you love to do.  Besides that, you must ask yourself, “What am I going to do when I do make the money?”  “Who will it help?”  “What good cause will it go to?”  If you’re just in this business to get filthy rich and sit on a beach drinking tequilas, the motivation isn’t probably strong enough yet.  One of the top success stories I’ve associated with started her business for one main purpose – to put her two daughters through college, and she did just that.  She then went on to sell the 3 year old online business for over $125,000.  Her motivation was key to her success (and she was doing what she loved too – ballroom dance!)
  3. They don’t give up or quit: all successful business owners know that failure is a “no-brainer” step to success.  You have to fail before you ever really know what true success is.  Giving up and quitting is pathetic.  Like the quote I shared in my last post stated, “People always say “never give up.” But how do you not give up when things are working right? Simple, you readjust your plan.”  I worked with a client once who was attempting to sell clocks (hope he’s reading this).  He did most of the work I suggested, made some effort, but when the money didn’t come flying in he just stopped.  He didn’t keep asking questions, he didn’t test the recommendations I gave, he didn’t seem to think outside the box, he didn’t implement the strategies I shared, he just QUIT!  I admit, I’ve never sold clocks before so I didn’t have the “turn-key” answers to selling clocks.  But I would think there is a lot more demand for clocks than clogging shoes for pete sake, and I have figured out how to sell those pretty consistently.  Anyway, quitting is a LOSE/LOSE.  I felt bad for the client, and he obviously wasn’t happy that he couldn’t be sitting on the beach drinking those coveted tequilas.  So please, don’t quit! Thanks, clients, for not giving up or quitting!

I am preparing a couple case studies that will be coming up in the next week or so about two specific clients that have implemented these strategies with perfection.  Stay Tune…

How have these tips helped you as an online business owner?

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Hey Nate – thanks for the mention here, but you were an awesome student. You tackled every challenge I gave you and figured out how to make it happen yourself. You were going to be successful no matter who your mentor was – I am glad it was me though!

Thanks for the comment Mat! As the saying goes:

Success breeds success!

I really feel we were “destined” to be together LOL!

Your tips, your success, your attitude and determination to succeed – all these things sparked those qualities in me and continue to do so. It’s fun to have a friend of your caliber. Thanks again for all you’ve taught me and continue to teach me.

I’m out before people puke due to “cheesiness” 🙂

Oh come on Jordan, you’re a clogging maniac! You were part of the reason ClogOn is what it is today too. If you ever need some new clogging shoes, I’ll hook you up 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

#1 Being open minded and teachable. This is a big deal!! I have learned so much during my coaching with Nate. I not only apply what I learned to my business but I also in many other aspects of my life. Knowing more and learning more helps bring the world to me.

#2 Strong Motivation. Remember what our mothers would say to us. “Anything worthwhile in life takes effort”. That effort makes me appreciate all the little successes and keeps me going. Each little success keeps me in the game and makes me hungry for more.

#3 Don’t Give Up or Quit. I hate regrets; no regrets mean no quitting.

Thanks Nate, you are my mentor.

Great info Nate, your thoughts have helped me tremendously and i dont think you have noticed the impact it has had for me. Someday you will receive your reward from me for all your services. Hold these thoughts and apply them and act on them TODAY EVERYBODY. They do work and i know more great stuff will come.
Sorry Matt, Go STEELERS!!!

Thanks for the comment Josh. I’m glad the info I share is helping someone 🙂

I am routing for the Cardinals, however. We’ll have to agree to disagree…LOL.

Let all your friends know about More to come…

Try anything once (at least), follow your passion, and just keep plugging,neverquit. Sounds like the path to success at anything. I think having a vision of what you want helps too, even if it keeps changing – mine does.

I’ve tried many business oppurtunites, many have failed.
Regardless, I do not quit . When one have a vision and a burning desire, one will eventually reach the goal.

I think DON’T GIVE UP can be restated as ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

I think of the mental make-up of a Thomas Edison who is supposed to have had 100 failures before coming up with a successful lightbulb. I think he had to have had a “love for the journey”. He must have had a great joy in setting before him a problem that he “knew” had an answer. Each failure was not really a failure – it was knowing one more way that “didn’t” work.

Being a musician I’ve studied the music of the great classical composers. It is fascinating to see the “growth” of great composers — comparing their early works to their middle works to their late works. Their is in their work a great sense of mental activity and probing. Generally there is also a condensation of material — fewer notes but these fewer notes say more. There is a greater facility in technical skill but there is also a growth of maturity. I can see these men as really “enjoying the journey” of composition.

Because of this love of the journey the thought of quitting wasn’t a part of their make-up. There certainly is passion there, but they way I see it, it’s a person working with their native ability and putting forth all their powers to take that ability and see how far they can run with it. If this is the center of your motivation – there’s no such thing a quitting.

Hey Nate, there have never been more true words. They say that Abraham Lincoln had like 10 businesses that failed before he became successful. You have to know that success doesn’t usually come easy. There is a lot of hard work and pain that goes with it. My company has been in business over 30 years and boy have we seen ups and downs. But we are still going strong. Hopefully stronger yet with your help. Thanks and can’t wait to continue working with you!

My Dad always had good work ethics and he never gave up. If it didn’t go right the first time. Try again. I am starting with baby steps but as I learn I know my goal will be achieved with hard work and to keep trying if you don’t get it right the first time.

Thanks for the motivation.
I was just thinking lately about why I’m getting alot of new potential customers to my blog, and hardly any to my clothing site for the “Money”. Then I realized something. Even though I am loosing money right now in monthly fees etc… for my clothing site. I still love writing in my blog and changing products in my store to keep the content fresh for potential buyers, and to give people free information that they say they cherish in their lives. I don’t even know these people, but somehow it feels good.I guess this is really part of not giving up when times are down.

Well Nate, you know I am just starting, and I promise I will not quit, you are beginning to show you will be a great teacher and Mentor

good Luck

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